Orbit V5 Playing Cards

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Created by Chris Brown, (whose card-handling is so clean, he must be from another world) the Orbit V5's are a cosmic exploration through the voids of space.

Following on from the ultra-successful V4 deck, the V5 washes away the black tones in favor of a turquoise glow. The same glow you'd see when a comet crosses the sky at dusk.

If you own an instagram account, you've seen this deck. Everybody who's somebody is using it right now.

Adored by cardists and magicians alike, Orbit V5 is a go-to that adds emphasis to everything you do with a deck.

The bold eclipse in the centre offers a welcomed break from the curious design. Two comets shoot out of the corners to lock in a beautiful contrast to the calm-colored backs.

The faces are custom, but familiar. They are easily read by spectators and easily admired by owners.

Houston, we're off into ORBIT.

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p.s. Only 5,000 decks available.

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  1. Summary

    the color was darker than I expected
  2. Shaun

    Simply fantastic, I noticed the white border is a little thinner on one side than the other but that doesn’t really matter to me in fact I can use that for a card location trick if I wish, and it’s negligible when you look at it, Great cards for the value I am not great at Cardistry or magic but I have a few little things that I am trying to specialize in instead of trying to spread my attention to everything, but this is the best deck I have purchased in a while...Definitely earns the five stars
  3. Geoff

    7$ !! F••K with it