Origin by Peter McKinnon

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This is Origin. The journey and exploration into the wild imagination of Peter McKinnon.

Trapped between a powerful hard cover are 29 effects, sleights and flourishes that demonstrate Peter's relentless need to excel in every art he stumbles upon.

Reveals, vanishes, restorations, shifts, appearances... You name it, it's in here. Sit back, relax and let yourself be expertly guided through the pages by over 220 beautiful illustrations by Ellusionist artist, Perseus Arkomanis.

• Age Difference
• Almost Invisible
• Black Eight
• Breakdown
• Bubble Shift
• Crow
• Dragonfly 2.0
• Dragonfly 3.0
• Dragonflyer
• Expiry Date
• Interstellar Reversal
• Mangoes Are Delicious
• One Finger Control
• Palm Load
• Palmerang
• Pandora
• Pantheon
• Pin Peek
• Revelator
• Ring Production
• Slip Change
• Suit Up
• Tailor Made
• The 80/20 Control
• The Blackpool Prediction
• The Impossible Change
• Thumbs Up Vanish
• Water Under The Bridge

Origin is Peter Mckinnon's final love letter to magic. His heart poured onto each page, and a never-to-be-repeated compendium of his finest creations.

Something all aspiring creators & performers need in their collection.

Get Origin Today.

Format: Hardcover Book
Difficulty: Easy to Hard. (Some material is easy to learn, some take more practice.)
Duration: 115 pages

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  1. Summary

    What? Origin is out of stock? You waited too long and now it's gone? What will you do? I hope you're kicking yourself right now. I hope you understand the severity of the situation. Now you have to search ebay for it and pray that someone out there is dumb enough to get rid of theirs. Good luck
  2. Summary

    This book is amazing first time purchase magic book and it pretty amazing feeling. At first I thought it going to be hard but turn out I learned something on the first page of the book. This book will improve your skills in sleights of hand, not really for magic. But it still worth the money that I spend the quality and contents are amazing even the explanation drawn pictures make thing more easily.
    Lastly, if you thinking about picking one up you should or just buy it. It amazing every should buy one.
  3. Summary

    I've never bought a magic book before so I was a bit nervous to what I was going to get from this book. But as soon as I got my book and skimed through the whole book, I was excited. This is an excellent book that'll improve your skills and also you'll be able to pick up some new effects. Highly recommend this book to anyone.
  4. Summary

    It's great to see some of Peter McKinnon magic put in a book. Found lots of great material in this book. Lots of practice is need for some of the material in this book but it's well worth. Highly recommend it.
  5. Summary

    Most of the material in this book is great for expanding your knowledge and repertoire although the moves do require practice and a few are a bit knacky it's a solid book that I'd recommend getting. I love the ring routines in it as ring tricks are a favorite of mine and it's so hard to find good ones. The only thing that's a bit difficult to understand is breakdown but flourishes are hard to teach in a book.
  6. Summary

    The offbeat, quirky, original, and challenging stuff in this book is why I love sleight of hand. Surprisingly I've found it refreshing and more creative to learn from a book rather then a video. Thank you Mr McKinnon, nicely done!
  7. Summary

    I must say, the quality of the book (cover, pages, and even the ink) as all very high standard! I've read through Age Difference, Almost Invisible, Black Eight, and Breakdown so far. I can't wait to go back to reading after I finish my comment here. When you buy this book, you get great detailed instructions, detailed visuals, and even some pretty good humor in the mix! 29 tricks in 1 compact book! Must buy!