Ignite Playing Cards

Ignite Playing Cards
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The Ignite Deck has been carefully matched with the design and tones of Fathom to create dramatic contrast in color changes and flourishes.

Be sure to Stock up on Fathom Playing Cards when you purchase your Ignite Decks.

The second release in the Origin Series, Ignite Playing Cards captures golden flames, glowing embers and the smouldering black char of a scorching inferno.

From the blazing ace of spades on the front of the box, to the world of flames on the back, there is no mistaking the theme of this deck.

Featuring line-art embellished pips, court cards colored in the orange glow of a dying hearth, and polarized jokers, reds and blacks in contrast, for a color-change illustrating the very name of the deck; Ignite.

Conjure the spirit of fire and set your performances alight.

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  1. Summary

    I love the bright design on the backs of these cards. It's actually a lot brighter in reality than the video would lead you to believe. They have the best looking card backs of any of the decks I currently own and am absolutely thrilled to have them.
  2. Summary

    Great deck of cards, wonderful design. Love springing these, cause then I can make a bad pun about throwing fire. Does not come with a double backer, and the only downside is that these are borderless, meaning that if you rub them on jeans or something, the edges will show some wear and tear.
  3. Summary

    In terms of construction and handling, the Ignite cards are excellent. They handle incredibly well - they are slick, but not too slick. Compared to other popular brands, these are on the thin side. Depending on your performance, thinner cards could be in your favor. In terms of design, the back is pretty impressive; great for flourishes and fans. However, I am a little mixed on the face designs. I like that that they use a "flame" pip... but only a single pip on each card... and only on the 1-10 value cards. The royal cards do not use the "flame" pips at all. In my opinion, it should either be all or nothing. As for the royal cards in general, I love the design. Very modern, but still retaining a classic feel. Overall, it's a quality deck. I would, and will, buy again.