Card To Pocket by The Other Brothers

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Imagine taking a card and ((record scratch)) ... Why do all magic effects get sold in the same way? And why does everything have to be “on steroids”?


Let’s get real for a minute... Card to pocket effects always have one of two major drawbacks:


You’re either ‘dirty’ before you go to your pocket. Aka can’t show your hand empty.


You’re dirty after you reveal their card and can’t show all of your pockets empty. Either because of multiple outs or an index.




They say two minds are better than one.... Enter stage left, The Other Brothers. Two Las Vegas guys from different mom’s, who create magic and are both called Darryl (& Daryl).


Their card to pocket effect goes like this:


• The spectator thinks of ANY card from the deck on the table. (No force)
• It vanishes with no sleight-of-hand •You pull it out of your pocket.

• You then pull ALL of your pockets inside-out to show that magic is for sure, real.


Don’t try and work it out. You’ll be here all week.


"There’s nothing to find and even less to hide."


Inside this box is everything you need to pull this off. 2 gimmicked decks and a special gimmick that hides in plain sight. 


Get yours TODAY & finally perform card-to-pocket, without looking like you’re putting a card in your pocket.


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  1. Ruben

    Good effect ..

    I do agree that the instructional verbiage could have been done better.

    My biggest issue is that I tend to wear tight pants .. and I hardly ever wear a baggy jacket .. But I will figure out how to adapt it to my personal style.

    I did like the rubber band idea .. That was helpful!!

    Thank you!!
  2. Summary

    Totally agree with Kevin - the instructions are very poor and the Kings issue is not addressed, nor is the issue of duplicates - people are observant and they do notice. The gimmick is not easy to use either - especially left handed. Love Ellusionist - but this is not the quality I am used experiencing from you.
  3. Robert

    This is a wonderfully thought out and made card trick with two increadible illusions that could be performed as two seperate tricks! Put them together and you will knock them over! I NEVER write reviews, but this one I had to share. Great job Other Brothers and Ellusionist, on a wonderful trick! Think of it... a 35.00 closer? YES it IS!!
  4. Summary

    So when I review a product, I always go back to the add copy and see if it is exactly what it is advertised to be.
    Can any card be named? Yes
    Can you SHOW your pocket empty? Yes
    Can the spectator spread the deck? Yes
    This trick I think is very clever. What makes this trick a must have is the clever "gimmick" that allows you to pull a card out of your pocket and show it empty. My only complaint is the instruction video. There was a lot of rambling and there is a point where they show you a visual aid but it is the wrong one. Also, there is a risk when letting the spectator spread where they can expose the secret. However they give you different ways to preform the effect and still get a good response.
    Put that to the side, I am making this trick an everyday carry. I do not preform a lot of magic but I will definitely have this on me where ever I go.
  5. Kevin

    Great great great trick!!
    Truly Horrible instructions!
    Why doesn’t anybody script anymore?
    Love these guys but the rambling explanation misses a whole lot. As well, there is a point where they reference a visual of the spread deck to get an idea of how it should look. The deck is shown for about 5 seconds and they cut back to them before the entire spread is even shown ! Hello editor? Come on guys. I can put 2 and 2 together and get the idea of how to do all of this as I have been in magic for 30+ years but it is just so poorly executed. For 35 bucks and a reputable company like Ellusionist you should get fantastic instructions. Your selling a product please respect your purchasers with a great full package. They don’t address the “kings” issue either. I know what to do but should have been explained. Get a script please then edit and watch the production before you release it
    Thank you for your time to this matter
  6. Bassam

    This is so well thought out. The devil is in the details and it's the tiniest nuances that sells this effect.
  7. hari

    Worth every penny