Non-Magnetic OXF Coins Set

Non-Magnetic OXF Coins Set

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In Metal 4 Eric Jones uses Jamie Schoolcraft OXF coins which sell for around $250, but we wanted to give a lower-priced solution. We've commission master coin-smith Roy Kueppers to do a non-magnetic version of OXF which sells for only $85. 

Made from true American Half Dollars (Eric's preferred size of coin) this set comprises of an expertly milled expanded shell, and a gravity flipper coin. 

Together, they can be used to create absolute miracles, or used separately to create your own routines and effects. In fact, before magnetic OXF's were invented, Eric used to use this combo to achieve the routines taught in Metal 4

Get your Non-magnetic OXF Set TODAY. 

Customer Reviews

  • by Chris

    Dec 2018

    I feel like they could be a little better quality and when the shell is over another coin , you can kind of make out that its a shell.

    I guess it depends on if you know what to look for. A spectator probably wouldnt notice it.

    Also , ive never had an oxf set or a coin shell set , so that might just be how they are.

    Overall im happy with the purchase and would recommend as a great quality cheaper set.

    Probably the best quality cheaper set you can buy.

  • by Joseph

    Dec 2018

    Got this with Metal 4 and it was worth it 100%. Very easy to open, unlike Tango flippers that you have almost whip open. And the shell is rrreeeeaaaaalllyyyyyy deep. When the flipper is nested in the shell it’s barely noticeable. WORTH EVERY PENNY