All major credit cards are accepted by

All major credit cards are accepted by Ellusionist.comPay with Amazon

Ellusionist accepts all 4 major credit cards internationally.
Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Don't have a Credit Card?

A prepaid MasterCard or Visa from your local store is the best way to purchase at Ellusionist when you don't have a credit card.

Do you accept debit cards?

Yes, most debit cards work on our site. If you are using a VISA check or debit card, it should work fine.

International Credit Cards?

Most international cards work on our site; however, there are some, for example the Switch card from the UK, that will not work.  If in doubt, just TRY IT.  If it doesn’t work, give us a call and we’ll do everything we can to help you place your order.

Does Ellusionist accept PayPal payments?

Ellusionist does accept PayPal.

Does Ellusionist accept Pay with Amazon?

Ellusionist does accept Amazon Payments. You can even log into your account via your Amazon account.

Ellusionist is 100% safe and secure

Our servers and our shopping cart are secure, using 128-bit encryption. This is state of the art encryption, and is hacker-safe. Your credit card information is never transmitted over the Internet without first being encrypted, and your information and email address are never sold or given to third parties. You're in good hands.

Money Order and Checks

Ellusionist no longer accecpts this as a form of payment.

Do you accept wire transfer?

No. Ellusionist does not accept wire transfer requests.