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Peeled lets you tear a real coin in HALF. Avail

Ripping the metallic fibres straight through the middle.

Unlike some impossible objects, this is something the spectator CAN EXAMINE.

An actual piece of currency, sliced perfectly in two.

Then, at your fingertips you slowly pinch the edges closed and hand them a perfect coin. Their coin.

- No elastic to break
- No Magnets to find
- Stunningly easy to do

Peeled is an effect where your audience should be encouraged to burn your hands. It's so perfect, you want them to see the illusion of the coin splitting. 

This is the next generation coin bite.

Order Peeled TODAY.

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  1. Bruce

    I'll start by saying this is really a well built gimmick. My only concern is US has the State Quarters and the gimmick is the older type Quarters which you don't see as often and not sure what I would do if someone called me out on it. But I'm new to coin magic and I've been playing with this for a few days and haven't shown anyone yet so they may not notice it. I'm honestly not sure if they will or not. But dont let that stop you from buying this because he shows you other things you can do it. Its definitely solid built.
  2. Summary

    Love this works well and is pretty easy to use. Its very well made, the visual of it looks a lot better in person. The only problem I have is when I let the spectator look at the peeled coin they try to bend it back and sometimes I have to bend it back to the peeled position lol.
  3. Summary

    This is an Amazing trick I had ever experienced...thanks for this tricks. great magic trick..regards..