Perfect Riffle Shuffle

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  1. Summary

    The perfect riffle shuffle is just amazing, the fact that I can do it alone satisfies me, the video is well done and gives a lot of tips and tricks. I'm really happy with this, I honestly believe that this is the best thing I've ever learned.
  2. Summary

    This is a wonderful effect just a bit hard! one thing i do not like is that the video never really tells you how to hold the cards. It just gives close ups sometimes and that is what makes it kinda challenging! it would be better if it joe barry actually went through it with us. other then that this is something you must get its a great effect
  3. Summary

    I was utterly unprepared for how good this move is. Having spent a lot of time on tabled faros and various other shuffle controls, this one is unusual in being both as good as billed, and absolutely worth the time to perfect.

    While the teaching focuses more on applications/mentality of how to use the move than it does mechanics, in the long run I think that this is probably correct, though I can see how that might be cold comfort for those who have trouble getting the mechanics down. Maybe I'm just lucky, but I found myself getting pretty close to a perfect riffle pretty quickly, at which point I have no issue whatsoever with putting in the hours to sort out the last little bit.