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The Picasso app does not contain instructions right now. Instructions can be found HERE
You'll need to create a Picasso account inside the app to access the instructions, so set one up in Picasso once you've installed it.

When creating an account, be mindful that your Performer ID will be used during your performance.

Watch the video here first before creating your account.

One of the strongest mentalism effects of the last decade.


In a collaboration between Craig Filicetti's ProMystic and Ellusionist, this is Picasso Pro.


A revolutionary new app, that takes a stage mentalism effect and brings it into an app on your phone.


Walk up to a spectator and hand them a prediction. With your back turned, they then use THEIR phone (That’s right, their own phone) to color in a picture at random.


Only to have your prediction match perfectly. Picasso is SO clean.


There are no special props, extra sleight of hand, and it’s practically self-working. Perfect for bars, streets, stages or even perform it on a video call.


This app is fully customizable and can be done with your own templates, stickmen, and color labels. Giving you the ULTIMATE prediction tool.

Picasso Pro


This app is LIMITLESS.

Perform it across the globe.
Like this performance of Peter Turner who is sat in the UK, performing to his friend in the United States over Facetime.



For those of you who don’t know. ProMystic was founded by Craig Filicetti, who uses his master’s degree in electrical engineering and decades of experience in new product development to push the creative bounds we face in this art.   


For 10 years, ProMystic has been at the forefront of electronic mentalism. With award-winning customer service, cutting edge design, unparallel reliability and decades of innovation. ProMystic has personally supported over five thousand performers worldwide, including the most prominent TV and stage mentalists around the globe.


Color Match was created almost a decade ago. A genius, precision piece of apparatus that’s incomparable for the seasoned pro. And from it; the globally known Picasso routine was born. Performed all over the world by the finest of Magic’s TV and stage performers, the Picasso routine has never failed to leave audiences speechless.


But not every situation allows for you to carry a set of markers, props, and that special something that makes Color Match work.


This is where Lloyd Barnes and Tom Elderfield joined forces to turn Color Match (the Picasso routine) into an essential and automatic EVERY DAY CARRY.


Within weeks, the Picasso Pro app was working, being performed countless times and always leaving a trail of floored audiences in its wake.


Never leave the house empty-handed again.


Download and start performing Picasso Pro NOW.


The Picasso app does not contain instructions right now. Instructions can be found here
You'll need to create a Picasso account to access the instructions, so set one up in Picasso once you've installed it.

When creating an account, be mindful that your Performer ID will be used during your performance.

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  1. Andrew

    PICASSO PRO - is the only app that I want to know. Hands-down this was a very easy to follow tutorial that Lloyd walks you through. I will be honest this will be a five star, I’m not going to give it a four-star because of difficulty I had I just have trouble learning the way most as I am autistic, Help from some people on Facebook there is a group by the way I believe on Facebook where people post ideas and things it’s super helpful. I have so much fun with this trick every time and I just started to do it , Lloyd even makes this trip with a celebrity ending at the end giving you a lot of inspiration and creativity on where you can take this and I can definitely tell you ELLUSIONIST has delivered. This is one of my top favorite magic effects on the market so far this year hands down..... HANDS DOWN!!!!!!!!!!! it’s that good. No hype, well maybe.. that’s because this is the best mentalism act out there. Check out OPTIX & WHOM too! just got these bad boys. I strongly recommend watching Picasso pro it is really some thing that they will always remember I hope that you guys will enjoy it like me thank you Team E!!! Join the Facebook group and contact ELLUSIONIST, follow the instructions or you have a problem like I did and if you don’t know what instructions I’m talking about just mentioned this to someone at team e i’m sure you will do just fine. I still don’t understand some features on the app but what’s good about it is you don’t need to know every future because there’s about four or five things to give you the same results and I don’t wanna go into it but I’ll just say that there’s many ways to get information and ELLUSIONIST has done some awesome ways of doing that and all I am saying is that why I had difficulty with one of the ways and I got some help on the Facebook group but again I struggled because it’s one of those things I need to talk to someone one on one but I get the idea it’s just even if I knew how to use it I would still use one of the other modes to get information. I hope it’s all right team e Did not mean to give away anything and I think I did a good job trying to give you the warning’s and then going from there. Purchase this now it’s a steel set a price this should be more than $100 at least you always get the hook up here and they are making a name for themselves this is a real review for are you thinking that it’s fake just go back to doing something and leave your comments to yourself. Everyone have fun I am so grateful
  2. Summary

    The Android updates also have now been released , all most all of the bugs are fixed now along with new features added, the app has now turned very matured, In a single day I performed it near about seven times both online and offline, and each time it was a sure fire and got insane reactions.
    Now I can say its a really great app, and this will definitly be a reputation maker.
  3. Summary

    Would not recommend for android users. I recently purchased Picasso Pro and was happy with it at first, but at this point am regretting my purchase. On release it was great and worked as advertised but after the community asked for a couple features they released the iPhone update, but nothing for Android. I have asked a couple times now what the date for the android update will be and have been told to just give them time, but how much time has not been addressed. This is not the way to respond to a customer. Android users paid the same price as iPhone users yet recieved less features and Ellusionist cannot provide a date for when that will be rectified. I don't see why Ellusionist didn't just hold off on releasing the updates until both were ready. As of right now you get more features and an updated version if using iphone, and only the bare bones for android yet the cost for both remains the same. That does not seem fair. I paid full price and expected that I would recieve the same product, not be given the run around and told to "just wait" when asked for a date for update launch. Ellusionist could work towards making this right by at least saying "the update will be launched next weekend", but instead remain silent and attempt to paint those who are simply asking for what they paid for as impatient trouble makers. Bad form Ellusionist.
  4. Daniel

    Fantastic App. Easy to do. I Love it
  5. ahmed

    AMAZING App !!
    Its not the first time i purchase a trick from ellusionist but its the first time i come to write a review and thats because i wanted to assure all of those who read reviews before buying that this app is AMAZING .. the idea behind this and the implementation really worth the price ..

    A note for iphone users:
    If you find that there is a feature in the app not working properly, check out your phone settings (can’t say more so i don’t give away the method)..

    Lastly, Thanks for such great release..
  6. Summary

    Great App and Magic Trick 5 Stars
  7. nepal

    The truth I didn't know why to expect to buy the app I thought it was the kind of app that would be hard to connect to and operate: after using this app I have only one thing to say: it is amazing !!!! So easy to use and gives an amazing impression of your audience to every magician and mentalist!♥️
  8. Wong

    Awesome! Great app for mentalist! Game changer for colour match effect where magicians no need to carry colour markers and gimmick around anymore in order to perform this effect. Bravo!
  9. nicolas

    Very good application, but it is a shame to not be able download a template
  10. lonnie

    Absolutely one of the best purchases I have EVER made. And that’s coming from someone who has not had the best relationship and confidence in Ellusionist. In this case, they over delivered and you will not regret picking this up. I’m just disappointed at the price. Should be way more. What a steal.