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The Picasso app does not contain instructions right now. Instructions can be found HERE
You'll need to create a Picasso account inside the app to access the instructions, so set one up in Picasso once you've installed it.

When creating an account, be mindful that your Performer ID will be used during your performance.

Watch the video here first before creating your account.

One of the strongest mentalism effects of the last decade.


In a collaboration between Craig Filicetti's ProMystic and Ellusionist, this is Picasso Pro.


A revolutionary new app, that takes a stage mentalism effect and brings it into an app on your phone.


Walk up to a spectator and hand them a prediction. With your back turned, they then use THEIR phone (That’s right, their own phone) to color in a picture at random.


Only to have your prediction match perfectly. Picasso is SO clean.


There are no special props, extra sleight of hand, and it’s practically self-working. Perfect for bars, streets, stages or even perform it on a video call.


This app is fully customizable and can be done with your own templates, stickmen, and color labels. Giving you the ULTIMATE prediction tool.

Picasso Pro


This app is LIMITLESS.

Perform it across the globe.
Like this performance of Peter Turner who is sat in the UK, performing to his friend in the United States over Facetime.



For those of you who don’t know. ProMystic was founded by Craig Filicetti, who uses his master’s degree in electrical engineering and decades of experience in new product development to push the creative bounds we face in this art.   


For 10 years, ProMystic has been at the forefront of electronic mentalism. With award-winning customer service, cutting edge design, unparallel reliability and decades of innovation. ProMystic has personally supported over five thousand performers worldwide, including the most prominent TV and stage mentalists around the globe.


Color Match was created almost a decade ago. A genius, precision piece of apparatus that’s incomparable for the seasoned pro. And from it; the globally known Picasso routine was born. Performed all over the world by the finest of Magic’s TV and stage performers, the Picasso routine has never failed to leave audiences speechless.


But not every situation allows for you to carry a set of markers, props, and that special something that makes Color Match work.


This is where Lloyd Barnes and Tom Elderfield joined forces to turn Color Match (the Picasso routine) into an essential and automatic EVERY DAY CARRY.


Within weeks, the Picasso Pro app was working, being performed countless times and always leaving a trail of floored audiences in its wake.


Never leave the house empty-handed again.


Download and start performing Picasso Pro NOW.


The Picasso app does not contain instructions right now. Instructions can be found here
You'll need to create a Picasso account to access the instructions, so set one up in Picasso once you've installed it.

When creating an account, be mindful that your Performer ID will be used during your performance.

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  1. Summary

    A wonderful product and fantastic for strolling, table hopping, out on the street or when that one person asks you to do something when you think you’re not prepared. This kills.
    However I would love for them to allow upload images for the template so I can find a outlier black lines image to use as a template if I wanted. If they had this feature I’d give it 5/5, but 4/5 for me.... for now. Please add this feature.
  2. Ulysess

    This app got off to a rocky start for android users, but it triumphed! Wow, with the updates the app, is working flawlessly. I think this is a genius method and definitely worth the $30. After getting the hang of it, it amazes me at how easy it is to do, yet, it is sooooo powerful. I am so happy for this app because it will become super useful during zoom meetings. The tutorial has a lot of information to help get us performing it. Don't think about it! Just buy it, this is definitely the #1 trick for this year!! It should win an award.
  3. Summary

    This app is flawless! I’ve already performed it 5 times, blows peoples minds ,melts there faces. the best magic effect in the world well worth the price this effect is gold .
  4. Gary

    One of the best purchases I have made this year, it’s brilliant.
  5. Kendric

    I learned this over night, slept on it and was performing it that next day flawlessly. Not only is it practically versatile but it’s fun and engaging and can be done for younger audiences as well as older. Picasso Pro is definitely something you can easily fit into your everyday carry by slipping a prediction in your wallet. Need that performer fix during Covid-19 global Quarantine? This can be performed online as well. I Performed this last night while on my PS4 on mic chat. That’s how incredible Picasso Pro is. And that is 3 successful performances in only one in a half hours of practice and watching the tutorials clearly explained by Lloyd Barnes. I would give this a 10 if it would let me
  6. Herbert

    Ok first of all: Tom, Lloyd, Craig. Start a religion.
    Second: The name Picasso Pro doesn't do it justice. Rename it to RELIGION STARTER. Yeah? This is not a review. RENAME IT TO RELIGION STARTER.

  7. Summary

    Great app! Now I can do color match anytime & anywhere without the need to bring along different color markers and gimmick. Brings this effect to a whole new level for mentalist!
  8. Frank

    Ok so 1st off this app came at the perfect time for touch free magic! It doesn’t get anymore hands off than this!
    This app is hands down my go to app of the year! There’s lots of room for it to continue to grow with lots of features added in the future! I already have it sending me peeks to my mi band, so My phones gone and I still get a visual, but that’s just icing on the cake! The peek features that already come packed in are beyond amazing. A lot of thought went into it and it shows! My favorite is the home screen peek. It’s so damn hidden, no one will ever see it except you!
    If you’re in the fence about it just get it! I promise it’ll be the best $30 you’ve spent because it’s worth so much more!
  9. Summary

    I love it so clean and so clever, this is the kind of magic that I like!

    Just one question, can i upload a draw from my photos?
  10. Adrian

    Gran aplicación, de lo major que ha salido en el año para hacer mentalismo , el bug reportado fue solucionado , gran efecto y un precio muy accesible , muy sencillo de realizar , ya lo he realizado a un amigo que vive al otro lado del mundo de mi distancia y funcionó de manera increíble , no puedo esperar ver qué más actualizaciones logran agregar a la app , muy buen trabajo equipo de Ellusionist , :D

    Translated via Google Translate

    "Great application, the best that has come out in the year to make mentalism, the reported bug was solved, great effect and a very affordable price, very easy to perform, I have already made it to a friend who lives on the other side of the world of my distance and it worked amazingly, I can't wait to see what more updates they manage to add to the app, very good work Ellusionist team"