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WOOOOO! Tobias Dostal of Stay Cool fame is back at Ellusionist with PING.

Ping generates the audible 3D sound of a coin being genuinely flipped in the air.

A precision-made utility device that fools the senses... and leaves your audience floored.
  • - Vanish a coin in the spectators hand
  • - Make an invisible coin appear anywhere 
  • - Flick nothing into the air and have it materialize in your pocket
This is more than a trick, it's a pandora's box bursting with possibilities for your coin magic.

But it doesn't stop there...

Borrow a ring, flick it in the air as it disappears into nothingness. Without hesitation you reveal that you're wearing it, or it's in your pocket, or still on the table.

In over 1 hour of explanation, Tobias oozes creativity and passion with this device and shows you how to apply it to ANY situation. Enhancing your magic with sensory overload. 

You won't believe your ears.

Get Ping TODAY.

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Customer Reviews

  • by Breil

    Aug 2017

    Je suis francais e j aime vraiment beaucoup ce gimmick et les explications, les idées de Tobias qui sont en anglais mais j ai quand meme compris les vidéos. N hésitez pas a l acheter il est extra et très bien imaginé. Il y a beaucoup de possibilités avec ce gimmick
    Vraiment super

    I am French and I really like this gimmick and the explanations, the ideas of Tobias that are in English but I still understood the videos. Do not hesitate to buy it is extra and very well imagined. There are many possibilities with this gimmick
    Really great

  • by John

    Jul 2017

    let me start out by saying I don't like coin tricks at all, but when I saw this I was thinking to myself it's an OK trick. I didn't even want to buy it, had no interest at all. Anyways, somehow it ended up in my shopping cart and I ended up purchasing "Ping". I saw the video and holy mother of hell it's super amazing! This might be the most fun and best thing I've ever bought. It's like falling in love for the first time. Tobias explains everything very well it's f****** genius. I highly recommend.

  • by Michael

    Jul 2017

    Ok, so when I purchased this item I was worried that I wouldn't be able to "Hide" the gimmick which you may also be worried about. But trust me, I'm only 12 years old and the gimmick can still be completely unseen by the spectator. I performed this on one of my friends that does have a decent eye, and he didn't catch a thing. This is my favorite purchase from Ellutionist by far and I hope they keep it up