Ping by Tobias Dostal

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WOOOOO! Tobias Dostal of Stay Cool fame is back at Ellusionist with PING.

Ping generates the audible 3D sound of a coin being genuinely flipped in the air.

A precision-made utility device that fools the senses... and leaves your audience floored.
  • - Vanish a coin in the spectators hand
  • - Make an invisible coin appear anywhere 
  • - Flick nothing into the air and have it materialize in your pocket
This is more than a trick, it's a pandora's box bursting with possibilities for your coin magic.

But it doesn't stop there...

Borrow a ring, flick it in the air as it disappears into nothingness. Without hesitation you reveal that you're wearing it, or it's in your pocket, or still on the table.

In over 1 hour of explanation, Tobias oozes creativity and passion with this device and shows you how to apply it to ANY situation. Enhancing your magic with sensory overload. 

You won't believe your ears.

Get Ping TODAY.

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Customer Reviews

  • by Josh

    Jan 2018

    Wow — a must buy! The gimmick is so adaptable, you can easily figure out how to use it most effectively in under five minutes. It’s easily hidden, and is the single most effective gimmick of misdirection I’ve ever gotten. The video that comes with the purchase is an hour long, filled with great concepts and ideas. 10/10.

  • by Michael

    Dec 2017

    Great product and the sound it makes is exactly like flipping a coin! The only reason I gave it 4 stars is that the gimmick is a bit knacky and for me, personally, I have a hard time to get it to ping consistently. Otherwise, the product is great and the description to use it is short and sweet. Thanks Tobias!

  • by Alfie

    Dec 2017

    Incredibly versatile, interesting gimmick, not what I expected, but actually a bit better, although after an entire day of practicing, I still can't really make the sound properly (just need to keep trying).

    I'm not a huge fan of the tutorials, however, which are shot just a bit too far away to understand what Tobias is doing IMO.