Placebo by Daniel Madison

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  1. Summary

    This book is designed to circumvent traditional methods of performing deceptions with playing cards. Yes, the moves described in this texts are primarily "trophy moves." But that does not take away from their applications. Placebo is the go-to for learning hard moves with incredible payoffs. I love this book.
  2. Summary

    This is another great book from Madison, the moves in here are not for beginners, this will be difficult. But the ideas and effects are great. If you are a Madison fan you will enjoy the ideas inside.
  3. Summary

    I think this book is more than one person can ask for. When you use the methods from this book you are telling a bold face lie and and it is right under the spectators nose. The methods are explained well even if the are not simple. I recommend this to anyone wanting to get amazing reactions. I'd give more stars if I could.