Black Tiger Decks

This is it. The original Black Tiger playing cards. The very deck that started the craze of custom playing cards and magic tricks with a black deck. If you have any deck of custom playing cards at all, then rest assured that there's a little Black Tiger in the card stock. And that was Michael Kelley's plan all along.

Years ago, Kelley was engaged in an interesting e-mail correspondence with a dethroned Nigerian king who needed an American cosigner to receive a wire transfer of US $3.4 million. Thinking it a hoax, Kelley e-mailed back his neighbor's mailing address. Then one day, while Kelley was mowing his lawn, he saw a man wearing a large crown and the hide of an African lion walk up to the neighbor's house.

"You're for real?" Kelley said. "I thought you were a hoax."

"Bet you feel dumb now," the king said. "I'm taking me and my US $3.4 million to TGI Friday's."

He did feel dumb. So dumb he slapped his forehead so hard that he knocked himself out. His vision was messed up while recovering from the head trauma: He saw everything in negative colors, except for the color red. The rest is history.