Bicycle Ghost [White]

At the request of our lawyers, we have been asked to say the following things about our Ghost playing cards:

  • Ghost decks of playing cards are actual, physical objects that exist in the same realm of spacetime as the rest of the natural universe. They are not made of aether, ectoplasm, slime or Harry Houdini's last will and testament.
  • Ghost cards cannot pass through walls, jangle chains, make mysterious thumping noises or show you hideous, dystopic visions of Christmases past, present or future.
  • Thefinish on each deck of Ghosts, if removed, may trigger the release of Chlor-Gamoth, warper of pasteboards and destroyer of spear-wielding angels. If this happens, Ellusionist cannot be held responsible for any smoke damage, scabbing on your little brother, appearance of spongeballs or sudden cravings for Peeps.

With that out of the way, we are happy to tell you that when you use Ellusionist's Ghost playing cards for your magic tricks, your pass will improve without you ever practicing it, girls will give you their phone numbers and David Blaine will want to start following your Twitter account. OK, that bit about your pass may be a lie.

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