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Card-to-Pocket on Acid

Card-to-Pocket is a great, casual effect performed by nearly all close-up magicians around the world.

It perfectly demonstrates misdirection, showmanship and sleight of hand in any situation.

After a few regular phases where the spectator’s signed card redundantly jumps to the magicians pockets, suddenly… The Pocket jumps in to your hands.

They sign the card. It’s lost in the deck. The deck goes to your pocket. The pocket goes to your hand… Their signed selection is found inside!

Just have a look at what some people (mainly Chris) are saying about POCKET!

“Trick of the month, for sure.”

“Fits in your pocket”

“This thing is great!”

- Chris Ramsay

Chris Ramsay has created a gem for any strolling or casual environment.

Have fun with your routines with this light-hearted approach on a classic!

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    i just received mine in the mail today its a great gimmick. and it goes along great with Daniel Madison's card to pocket i use this as my closer to dm routine.