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Porper Card Clip
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Porper's Card Clip is the unanimous favorite among all professional card men. Make it yours today, Porper Clips now available for all of your custom Ellusionist decks.

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  1. Summary

    This clip is FANTASTIC! This is the last clip you will ever have to buy! (unless you want to buy another porper clip).
    I'll be honest----my first deck from Ellusionist was the Shadowmasters deck. It lasted me a while, and it served well while it was in action. But then, the cards started sticking together and it went downhill from there (I didn't know how to take care of them). But now, 20 Ellusionist decks and lots of experience later, I finally decided to make the jump and buy myself a card clip to increase the longevity of my beloved decks. And of course, it had to be from Ellusionist, since I am a loyal customer. So, lots of research and many reviews later, the porper clip came out on top. Once it came in the mail earlier this month, I immediately put it on my Shadowmasters deck. It was hard as crap to get it out, but I was disappointed to see that there was nothing I could do about the finish on the old, damaged deck. "It isn't that bad" I told myself. "I have lots of other decks I like better than this one that I can put in the clip." So I left the deck alone for awhile, and came back to it last week, took it out of the box, and was shocked at what I found. The clip had magically healed the finish on the deck! How in the world is that possible! Well, now I know that I will NEVER use another type of card clip for as long as I live. Sorry for the small novel, but I had a lot to say. This has been another 'magical' purchase from Ellusionist----get it?
  2. Summary

    These are so good that i ended up buying the 2 sizes of the card clip, if you're having trouble deciding what size to get, come and have a look at my YouTube video reviewing and comparing the 2 sizes. Cheers.
  3. Summary

    If you plan on carrying deck with you at all times get this, keeps your cards crisp and very very well protected from getting torn up in your pocket throughout the day. If you plan on using this for Artifice, Rounders, or Dealers ( really any of this size card) you need to order the larger one to fit the whole of the card.
  4. Summary

    I love this clip, easy to fit in pocket and my cards dont get bent like before. Thank you ellusionist for another great product.
  5. Summary

    Very good quality clip. It feels very good and it makes me feel more like a pro.

  6. Summary

    This clip works really well! Like others have been saying my cards were pretty bent from doing certain illusions and this clip brought my old bent cards back to life! It a couple days of not touching them to be as good as they were when I first got them, but in just one day my deck is already better then before! The only bummer with this deck is with it's tight grip it can mess up the box a little bit. But it is so worth it
  7. Summary

    (This is for the standard size)

    This is the highest quality card clip I have EVER seen!

    I purchased this when I was in Florida and the humidity would warp my cards. A couple hours in this clip would reset them back to a presentable status.

    Its true, the first few weeks that I had this clip, it was like prying my cards out of a crocodiles jaws. After a few, it loosens up and you'll be able to slide all types of card decks in and out with ease. Once it got to this level, it accepts Madison Dealers, Rounders, Bike Masters, Shadowmasters, Ghosts, whatever you can toss in them. I'm not sure how the larger size is, but this one seems to be working just fine.

    The first worked so well....I ended up buying a second :D
  8. Summary

    fantastic card clip, the best in fact. My republic no.2 was pretty messed up and had a serious bend one way, so i put the cards alternating face up and face down in the clip and the deck looked and felt like a new deck after just 48 hours in the clip. Use an old box though because it does dismantle it
  9. Summary

    I really love this card clip. It is reasonably priced and very durable. It will definitely help keep your cards looking great for longer and save on unnecessary purchases of new cards. There is a reason that some of the best card guys in the business use Porper Card clips, they are probably the best out there.
  10. Summary

    This is the best card clip! Solid design! It will revive your old deck and imbue new life into it. Only wish I had more of these! Worth every dollar I spend. If you want to straighten your deck in the matter of hours, this is your solution right here!