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Science just photographed It’s first ever black hole. But they've yet to discover a Portal... until now.

** RECORD SCRATCH ** Let's agree to drop the cliche copy here...

At Ellusionist we believe in nurturing the younger generation of magic. Creator Luke Oseland even had his work experience here at the company. These untainted minds in our community are allowed to flourish and experiment with effects we thought were dead.

"I have a coin in can to show you" said Luke.

** audible huff ** "Okay, but there are a billion of these on the market." we exclaimed.

Luke performed PORTAL with us LIVE over Skype, empty hands, no sleeves, no slits in the can, signed coin.

We're ashamed to say that we were FOOLED BADLY.

• Visual? Check.
• Practical? Check.
• Easy to do? Check.
• Use anyone's can? You bet.
• Signed coin? Oh go on then.
• Did we just become best friends?.... YUP.

Luke has been on our radar for a hot minute. At age 14 he saved his Birthday, Christmas and allowance money to buy a 3D printer and started tinkering.

It's possible that some older, more established magicians will overlook this download, thinking they know best.

"What can he know? I've been doing magic for longer than he's been alive."

By investing in PORTAL, you'll be introduced to a fresh way of thinking. Taking items right in front of you and using them in a new way.

This method is so practical that we had to cut about 5 live performances from the first draft of the trailer to shorten it.

It does require a gimmick, but if you check your pockets… no the other one, you probably already have it on you.

Some magic suits social media, some is for stage, Portal suits the streets.

Download Portal IMMEDIATELY.
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  1. Bryan

    This is another great trick. Quality video production, quality teaching... and great routine. Can't say enough about this! The method is good.
  2. cameron

    this is great it works so well and is so visual but the one thing is that it doesn't work with use coins
  3. Jonathan

    An ingenious method, very easy to perform and highly clean, fair, and visual, just a few special materials needed to get and your off and wowing people in the first day you learn this great effect.
  4. Davey

    WOW!!!!! I LOVE this! It is super easy but looks, sounds, and is amazing! If you do it with a water bottle it is very visual but also is very hard angle wise. FIVE STARS!!!!!
  5. Summary

    AMAZING killer magic
  6. Summary

    Very cleaver method
  7. Summary

    This is sick innit! Gimmicks bare easy to build, legit a bangin effect
  8. Summary

    This is a visually stunning effect with a sneaky method hidden in plain site, if you are look to do a 100% borrowed coin in can then this is the best method I’ve seen so far.
  9. John

    Nice but USA buyers be aware that if you are using US coins and plan on doing this as a walk around you will not want to give away the signed coin. It will cost you too much. I guess you could use foreign coins or washers. If using a washer I could see using some patter about scientist recently discovering a Black Hole and how you can turn the hole in the washer into a Black Hole. Just an idea.

    I gave it 5 stars because I plan on using it as a follow up to Holy Moly. Since I can't give them the Holy Moly washer I can do portal and leave them with a washer.
  10. Ed

    Regardless of the hype from Ellusionist, this is not a new method - in fact, it owes a substantial debt to Charlie Justice's 2006 effect "Prohibition", a cap in bottle effect using a virtually identical method. There is no credit given in the video. Also, although the blurb says you only need one gimmick, you actually need to modify that gimmick with something you probably don't have in either pocket. AND - if you are performing this in the U.S., you need an additional pair of different gimmicks. If you want to have the spectator sign the coin, you will have to replace one of these gimmicks after each performance. These gimmicks cost $15 TO $25 each, which makes it impractical (or at least very expensive) to have the coin signed - considerably weakening the effect. I'm all for nurturing the younger generation of magicians, but they should also be taught to credit those who came before. A little research (google!) goes a long way.