Pot of Jam by James Brown

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Make a REAL Pot Of Jam appear in your closed fist.

Pot of Jam by James Brown is nothing short of a masterpiece.

A stunning bit of magic disguised as a longform con game.

The rules are simple, as you take coins away they have to guess what's left in your hand.

The kicker? As they make their final guess you show them they're completely wrong and drop a very real jam-jar into their hand.

- Use ANY coins
- Use ANY final load
- No sleeves required
- Perfect for audiences young and old.

The beauty of this trick is that it is so devilishly simple to understand for your spectators. Making it the perfect effect to perform on kids and adults.

Learn Pot of Jam TODAY.

Customer Reviews

  • by John

    Feb 2018

    Love this trick, and not a coin worker at all. I mainly do cards and maybe some other stuff, but this is a really small version of Chop Cup but with coins. I use a different finally that makes the trick stupidly funny.

    Very Easy, and very powerful(which means GET IT NOW, WHY ARE YOU STILL READING... GET IT ALREADY MAN)

  • by Aidan

    Jan 2018

    This is a great trick and it's really good for beginners the angles are good and James is a great teacher 10/10 would learn again

  • by kelemen

    Jan 2018

    Wow! This must be the second oldest trick in the book. It's been made sleek and modern by Mr. Brown and it's just plain fun to perform. The $9 price tag makes this my best holiday purchase by far. Thanks to all involved.