Pot of Jam by James Brown

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Make a REAL Pot Of Jam appear in your closed fist.

Pot of Jam by James Brown is nothing short of a masterpiece.

A stunning bit of magic disguised as a longform con game.

The rules are simple, as you take coins away they have to guess what's left in your hand.

The kicker? As they make their final guess you show them they're completely wrong and drop a very real jam-jar into their hand.

- Use ANY coins
- Use ANY final load
- No sleeves required
- Perfect for audiences young and old.

The beauty of this trick is that it is so devilishly simple to understand for your spectators. Making it the perfect effect to perform on kids and adults.

Learn Pot of Jam TODAY.

Customer Reviews

  • by Great trick

    Dec 2017

    I don't do coin magic too often, but this is simply genius and easy. It also gets great reactions, and is a perfect opener or ice breaker

  • by Tony

    Dec 2017

    When I saw the performance, I bought it the day it got released. The method is so easy and angle proof. There is still some sensitivity on the angle depending on what you load, but can be resolved. James is a funny guy, filmed in a beautiful place, definitely worth a buy!!! Merry Christmas Ellusionist and everybody!

  • by Jon

    Dec 2017

    I bought James Brown's DVD almost ten years ago. Some highly recommended and commercial tricks on it, but two tricks stood out: Cards Opener and this one, Fancy A Pot of Jam.

    It has been with me since the day I learned it, and it is my absolute go to effect when doing something on the spot for new people. I've never used a pot of jam, but has always improvised and used several small items nearby that can be concealed in the hand (napkin, lighter, lipstick, watch, bills, candy, etc.). It's entertaining, effective, straight to the point and a absolute fooler with a kicker ending. It got that impromptu feeling and it's something other than card tricks. Also, it works well for all ages. It's an easy and fun way to talk about math and the value of money for kids (trust me, I'm a teacher).

    I can't praise this trick enough. It has served me extremely well over the years, and I really, really recommend you getting this. I can't imagine someone buying this and not fall in love with it and use it over and over and over again. Add to cart now!