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Praxis. noun.
Practice, as distinguished from theory. The application or use of knowledge or skills.

Chris Ramsay knows the meaning of the word Praxis. To create this devastating sleight, he started with three simple words ‘I wonder if…’ and from those words, a card production was reversed and four genius uses for a single control were born.

Peek. Steal. Sandwich. Control.

Building on inspiration from Jerry Andrus and Jack Carpenter, Chris Ramsay teaches a utility sleight that has multiple, real-world applications - a sleight that you will use because of its practicality, effectiveness and subtlety.

This is Praxis.

Format: Download
Difficulty: Intermediate
Run Time: 28 Minutes

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  1. Summary

    This move is very useful, but it is a little knacky. that's the only reason its 4 stars but the move itself is amazing and worth 5 because of all the applications.
  2. Summary

    This is a pretty cool control for the move monkeys out there (like me.) I don't use the peek or the sandwich, but i like the control and steal. It will take a bit of practice, but is pretty sweet once you get it down.
  3. Summary

    I love this control! For me, it's easy to master. I use it mostly for the ambitious card routine. Sometimes I just use it to show the move off. Awesome control Chris!
  4. Summary

    This is a great card control. It is knacky and will take a while to master but is worth the money. The teaching is excellent, Chris teaches multiple applications for the move in detail.
  5. Summary

    Praxis is a very well-taught control with a lot of possibilities. I use this in conjunction with another control when I can't get out of a situation where someone is demanding to see a trick again and I need to switch it up a bit so they don't get wise.
  6. Summary

    This it's a great download, the explanation is detailed, and the control is so good.
  7. Summary

    I liked Ramsay's nickname for himself, Move Monkey. The instructions were clear and detailed. I was grabbing a deck before I could finish the video. This move is for the devoted and will take practice to put to use. As such I have not used it in a performance. I do see potential for it in my Ambitious Card routine. For now it stays in the practice set.
  8. Summary

    The second i saw this kick ass trailer i pressed add to cart. Watched the tutorial, very detailed teaching and i love that it gives you some ways of applying the Praxis control. It's an ingenious move that i'm very proud to add to my repertoire. Thanks Chris and Thanks Ellusionist
  9. Summary

    WOW! Just when I thought my card magic couldn't get any better, I came across this. This i my first Ellusionist purchase and my first experience with Chris Ramsay! He is a tremendous performer, and his explanations are clear and concise, not to mention this amazing sleight he has created! This will NOT be my last Ellusionist purchase ! Thanks Chris!
  10. Summary

    I've seen Praxis grow from an idea to this fabulous tutorial and devastating sleight. All the time put into Praxis will repay for itself and you'll have a handy versatile tool that fools the best magicians around.

    Chris Ramsay teaches all the details of this wonderfully baffling move in a concise and cover-it-all session. He did a fantastic job with this first offering to the magic community and we can now expect his future works to be only just as fun, mindboggling and fresh.