Praxis Control by Chris Ramsay

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Praxis. noun.
Practice, as distinguished from theory. The application or use of knowledge or skills.

Chris Ramsay knows the meaning of the word Praxis. To create this devastating sleight, he started with three simple words ‘I wonder if…’ and from those words, a card production was reversed and four genius uses for a single control were born.

Peek. Steal. Sandwich. Control.

Building on inspiration from Jerry Andrus and Jack Carpenter, Chris Ramsay teaches a utility sleight that has multiple, real-world applications - a sleight that you will use because of its practicality, effectiveness and subtlety.

This is Praxis.

Format: Download
Difficulty: Intermediate
Run Time: 28 Minutes

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  1. Summary

    An awesome control with a little practice i guarantee you'll be using it all the time! he goes into great depth with the handling of the move, and teaches a few tricks to use with it. some of the tricks might be a little knacky for some people but the control is a must have!
  2. Summary

    Really amazing move! I would suggest this to any card magician! There is definitely a good amount of practice to get the move perfect, but it pays off!
  3. Summary

    Solid teaching style I've already spoken with Chris about how amazing he did on this control so for everybody reading this.... BUY IT NOW.... find 7 dollars in your seat cushions... I don't care ... just buy this now lol.... seriously cool ... I could watch him over and over and never figure it out until he explained... and that's a rare find. ..... did I mention you should buy this?
  4. Summary

    It's simple, and definitely something you need to have in your arsenal. It truly is a devastating sleight. Once you get it down, you will be looking forward to using it in every future card routine you perform.
  5. Summary

    This is a great move, one of the best moves I have ever learned! You can do so many things with this move. I really like it!!
    Thank you so much Cris well done!!!
  6. Summary

    For those who are serious about card magic, you will be lethal if you can master this move. It's gonna be a litle hard but the steal is so diabolical you won't regret it. So you owe it to yourself to track this down and remember, praxis makes perfect... Now where's my deck of cards...
  7. Summary

    His eyes could not be seen, obfuscated beneath the brim of his strategically placed hat. Nor did it matter as I stared at his hands adept with the cards, his 52 subservient assistants. They bent to his will and control, leaving me stunned in silence. An impossible effect brilliantly executed by a man whose moniker is that of an ancient king. Fitting. Praxis will teach you this ability, sadly the cool and calm demeanor in which it was presented to me, may take you a lifetime.
  8. Summary

    This is an awesome sleight to add to your repertoire! It takes a bit of time to do correctly but it's worth it!
  9. Summary

    Wow this blew me away I mean its clean, slick and a o my god what just happed control. This is what magic is all about making it real and I mean this fooled the crap out of me good job chris hope to see more things in the future . One more thing aaaaaaammmmaaaaazzziiinnnggg !!!
  10. Summary

    I like the move. It is useful with many other tricks. I was just expecting more because the trailer showed more flourishes. So I figured that i will get a bang for my buck. I would have like to know the other flourishes that was shown in the trailer, thats all