Prime Shadow Spring by Ben Prime

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Ben Prime has taken a flourish we use every day when handling a deck of cards and transformed it into an outrageous sleight that can turn up the visual appeal to 11, or fly completely under the radar. Either way, it's stunning in its clarity.

This is the Next Big Thing in Sleight-of-Hand Card Magic

Whether you use it for a dead-on, utterly deceptive force or take advantage of its use as a beautiful control for the most refined sandwich routine you'll ever see, the Prime Shadow Spring is one for the classicists and move-monkeys alike.

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Format: Download / Stream
Difficulty: Intermediate / Advanced
Duration: 28 Minutes

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  1. Summary

    For me it's very good and impressive move. If you know how to do card spring it's not hard to learn and it's fun to practice!
  2. Summary

    Resourceful tool to add to your arsenal! Very well explained and performed. A little angle sensitive and appears clumsy until perfected through practice. Not one of those sleights you can pull off with little passion and ease. Don't let my review discourage you though! If you really want to see this sleight through, I know you will practice lots!
  3. Summary

    Deceptively simple, deceptively difficult, and damn impressive. That's the best way to describe the Prime Shadow Spring. It's not something that I haven't seen before, but Prime's method of teaching it is definitely the best. You'll be able to learn this sleight in a few minutes, but it'll take you a while to really master it. When you're first starting out, it can be a bit tricky, and it's pretty angle-sensitive... It took me a lot of practice to get to the point where I was confident enough to use it in performances. Your experience very well may vary, but plan on working on this one for a while.
  4. Summary

    This is a great force to use buy its a bit angle sensitive this why I gave it 3 stars
  5. Summary

    THIS BLEW MY MIND! Before and after learning the trick. Though an advanced move, I was able to do it after about a day. BUY IT NOW!
  6. Summary

    This…is…amazing. This move only took me around 45 minutes to get down and it is stellar. I can't think of a bad thing about it. By far the best $9 I ever spent on Ellusionist. You could use this move as a control of literally just a an entire routine in itself. Buy this, and it will be the best decision of your day.
  7. Summary

    It's almost useless writing reviews here because the "bad" ones get deleted, even though I really like this product and want to write a lot of good things here I doubt it will make the cut because of one or two points that I dont like... so from now on I review all my purchases from E! on Youtube.
    Nobody has a say in if my opinion gets out there... but me, regardless if it hurts E's sales or E disagrees with me.

  8. Summary

    This is absolutely BRILLIANT! Ben Prime has taken the card spring and refined it to a master technique like no other! If you love moves with NO gimmicks this is for you. In fact if you just love beautiful magic this is for you. This is a must have move/trick/technique every true magician should learn. I am absolutely blown away by the creative thinking and beautiful moves of Ben Prime! THIS IS A MUST BUY!!!!
  9. Summary

    This sleight is brilliant.
    Until you get really good at it, it is a bit angle sensitive. For example if you aren't good at concealing the movement you can simply rotate such that the cards are facing the spectator and the move is invisible.
    I have only had this move for about a week but I already find it working wonders on everyone I show it to, including fellow magicians.
    A must get!
  10. Summary

    This move is incredible and Ben's use for a chosen card at any number with this sleight is one of my favourites to perform.

    It fools laymen, and it ruins magicians. I haven't seen a sleight this new and exciting since learning the clipshift in 2008.