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In the age of lockdown and cancelled events, Magicians and Mentalists are rushing to discover the most powerful, useable and fooling material to perform online.


With the inability to share props with spectators, or their potential reluctance to interact with them in future, having some easy propless miracles is a MUST.


In Principle, Peter Turner explores the principle behind 3 of his favorite effects.


You'll learn how to:


  • Reveal a thought of name
  • Enable spectators to guess your pin correctly
  • Learn how to force an image


All of this material is completely propless and can be performed in-person or via video chat.


You're not just learning the 3 tricks, you're learning the principle behind them to allow you to create your own incredible effects too.


Why is that important?

We all learn sleights in magic, or effects in mentalism, but a lot of us don't know how to use them or transfer that knowledge to other areas.


The double-lift is good on its own, but so much better when woven well into a powerful routine.


Principle unlocks hands-off digital deception by not only giving you the food, but giving you the recipe to make it for yourself too.


Severely underpriced and definitely underused... This is Principle.


Download TODAY.


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  1. Alexander

    Everything is so well explained, the information from the explanation to the performances were amazingly put together. Highly recommend this purchase!!!
  2. George

    It's been a little tough since I had to translate the effects to spanish and change a couple of thing due to language, this was specially hard in the guess who effect, and the drawing duplication is not 100 per cent accurate, but still very fun to perform, everithing in here is really fun to perform, specially the first time where you are unsure if the effects will work, but so far, they do. Love the teaching and production quality of the product.
  3. JR

    This material is not only for beginners, but perfect for pros as well! Peter Turner is an excellent teacher, and these are effects that hit hard! I tried them on my friend in a IG live session and totally freaked him out!
  4. Aidan

    This is an incredible effect. The tutorial is very detailed. Totally worth it!
  5. Kathryn

    I absolutely love this! I am a beginner mentalist and I found these tricks easy to learn and they gave me great reactions! Definitely great for Skype/Zoom/FaceTime calls. This is an amazing download. A MUST buy for all people interested in mentalism. FIVE STARS!
  6. Lindsay

    I have been a fan of Peter's work for years and his work is great! And as always i couldn't ask for anything better! This is full of knowledge and great ideas for anyone at any level! However my mum on the over hand was disappointed to see that the download did not come with a real life Peter Turner! FIVE STARS great download.