Prohibition Series Disparos Tequila Playing Cards

Prohibition Series Disparos Tequila Playing Cards
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Disparos - Spanish for 'shots', is how tequila should be consumed. Taking inspiration from the vaqueros and gunslingers of the Mexican old west, the tequila deck is a piece of history.

The block printing design and false-edge border gives these cards a rustic look, the kind you'd expect to find regularly laying about on a three-legged wood table in the local cantina, stained with condensation rings from the cold tequila glasses.

No detail has been overlooked with this design, despite the look of the paper, it is the highest quality stock available, finished with Performance Coating for that distinct Ellusionist Deck feel. Jokers show the before and after scenes of the classic tequila shot and an ad card describes how those over the age of 21 can get in on the action.

With embossed sugar skulls, duelling pistols and custom everything, these are shots of Tequila you won't regret in the morning. Printed in a limited run of 5,000, the First Edition Disparos Deck is not available anymore.

Line 'em up and knock 'em down.