Prohibition Series Moonshine Playing Cards

Prohibition Series Moonshine Playing Cards

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Originally Available Only in the Prohibition Boxed Set

Moonshine - the spirit of the Appalachians, kept thousands of speakeasy's in business during the '20s, and no Prohibition set would be complete without this sweet, illegal corn liquor.

Famous Moonshiners like Rooster Kelley made a name for themselves producing these illegal spirits - and we've chosen to highlight some of these characters in the court cards of the Moonshine deck.

The tuck box has been kept simple, but refined, made from a high-quality recycled cardboard, with the Moonshine logo printed and raised in the most precise embossing we've ever seen on a deck of cards.

The 'XXX' on the box and back design indicate this Moonshine has been triple-distilled, yielding a clean, pure spirit - appropriate given the smooth performance of these cards.

Limited to just 5,000 decks in this First Edition printing, the Moonshine Deck is available exclusively in the Prohibition Boxed Set.

Guaranteed to cure all that ails you.