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In collaboration with Shin Lim, Ellusionist are proud to introduce you to card-magic behemoth, Simon Black.

Simon has skirted the underground for many years, creating a legend for impromptu magic with cards.

Project S is his anthology. A collection of 17 tricks, forces, productions & sleights.

In over 90 minutes of instruction, Simon opens the pandora's box on what's possible with a normal deck of cards.

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Air Bender: a selected card is fairly selected and lost in the pack. In a physics-bending display of skill, the performer balances a deck of cards on its thin edge, and, with nothing but a quick jet of air emitted from the mouth, slices it in two. The packets fall to the table, revealing the selection.

Ascaniesque: a graceful one-handed spread of cards, elegantly dropping 4 seemingly single cards to the table, while a fifth is concealed amongst them.

Asteroid Change: a visual color change in the spectator's hand the likes of which have never before been seen with sleight of hand.

Booster Gold: a visual color change you'll swear uses a flap.

B/T Change: a silky smooth visual color change with a modern remix.

Double Change: a beautifully choreographed visual color change of two cards.

DropSplit: a stunning blendo from the mind of Chris Stanislas, taught here in memoriam.

Fireweed: the cards are bridged after a riffle shuffle, and four kings bloom from the pack as if they were petals from a flower. In a quick turn of events, they change into four aces.

Hofzinser Mod: a slick new spin on an age-old force.

Oh Snap Change: a classic change with almost no cover.

PopSwipe: two cards appear in a split second as if plucked from midair.

Propaine: a vanish of a card in a sandwich that will make you do a double take.

Skywalker Flip: any desired cards flip face-up in the middle of a simple card spring.

StaticShock: a collectors routine on steroids that has to be seen to be believed.

S Classic Force: learn Simon's takes on the best force within the realm of sleight of hand. Never let anyone tell you it's not 100%.

DPS Production: a silly card production that is surprisingly eye-popping.

Tilt-a-Whirl: an insane color change of one card held at the fingertips. The mechanics are almost too much fun.

Learn all 17 Move Monkey items NOW. 

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  1. Summary

    ok, so first of all, these are great tricks!
    some are easy to learn some are very hard to preform and takes practice.
    Adam runs very quickly on the tutorials and the moves in the tutorials. sometimes you will have to slow down the video to understand the moves in it. But i gave this project 4 stars because the tricks are very unique, and the advantage is that you can go back and learn it again and again. love this project and the tricks, well done Ellusionist!
  2. Summary

    This is a great collection of moves, tricks, and sleights that challenge your dexterity. Excellent purchase for the money!

    Simon does a great job in the video of introducing a number of tricks, utility moves, and sleights in this project. In addition to the 17 advertised effects he covers a plethora of other moves, cuts, grips, etc. that are good to know. Many of these utilize the double lift which I am a huge fan of because of the possibilities that they give you. He also teaches the Tabled Force which helps you force a card from a deck spread across a table.

    The video is clear and the sound is good. Simon is funny and has a good demeanor. Only a few of the moves/tricks have performances whereas others only have a teaching portion. I would have liked to see performances for all of them.

    The video has performances for: Air Bender, Booster Gold, Fireweed, Pop Swipe & Double Change, Propaine, and Static Shock.
    The video includes the trailer, an Introduction, and Final Thoughts.

    This is shot straight-on with Simon directly in front of the camera. Unfortunately, there are a lot of times that the angles are bad so you can't really see what's going on in his hands. He does move his hands to show the camera what is going on but there were several times when I was a bit frustrated. An over-the-shoulder view would have been helpful. I was able to pick up on everything he taught though.

    In the trailer the effects that you see are, in order: Asteroid Change, BT Change, DPS Production, Skywalker Flip, Fireweed, Asciensque, Drop Split & Drop Change (two times), Tilt-a-Whirl, Oh Snap Change, and the BT Change. I'm pretty sure that's what they are (it goes quick).

    AIR BENDER: (Easy) A card is selected and put back in the deck. You stand the deck up on the table and blow down on it which cuts the deck to their selected card. This is pretty awesome and something I've not seen before. Really neat and very easy to perform. I was able to do it on my first try before he finished the explanation.

    ASCANIESQUE: (Easy) I got this on my first try, not perfectly but it’s not hard. This is a cool way to spread four cards with one of them being a double and those cards face to face. In the video, he snaps over it but that is not covered in the explanation. This is just a great move to have in your toolkit that you can combine with other effects.

    ASTEROID CHANGE: (Intermediate) This is a VERY gutsy move. Totally awesome though! I can't wait to work on this. After watching the explanation, I realized that with a bit of practice this would be a total reputation maker. It is impromptu and leaves you totally clean. The best part is that it is all happening in the spectator’s hands. I love this but will need to put some time into it. You will need a confederate to practice with though. Someone is going to have to stand there with their hand out while you work on perfecting the move over and over.

    BOOSTER GOLD: (Intermediate) This color change looks REALLY cool when done right. This can be done with the full deck in the hands or just holding on to the cards that will change. The video has a few studio performances with cards face up and face down. Making the change happen is easy but getting into it is going to be the hard part. This is not a very technical move to learn but depending on the size of your hands it may be a little challenging. I wear the Fallen Spade ring on my right and found that I needed to take it off to practice this and get it down correctly. I also have very large hands and had to modify it to work well. Looks incredible though!

    BT CHANGE: (Intermediate) This is a wonderful adaptation to a previous creation. Simon improved greatly on the presentation of it. I like this a lot and it looks as good as it does in the video. Having the card change as quickly back and forth as he does will surely take some practice. I like this though. This is impromptu and utilizes just two cards. He covers not just the moves but also several ways to handle a double. There is some great stuff in here for beginners and advanced magicians alike.

    DOUBLE CHANGE: (Easy) This is SO fun to practice! Very easy to do. This is one of those 'What the heck just happened' moments. You watch two cards quickly change into two other cards. Very very nice presentation. This is angle proof and very clean looking. The handling doesn't even put any heat on the hands. A spectator will probably be casually watching you handle two cards and then -BOOM- the change happens. This is a smooth, simple slight that looks SO good! In the video, Simon performs Pop Swipe and immediately changes those two cards into two others using the Double Change. This a really classy performance.

    DROP-SPLIT & DROP-CHANGE: (Easy) This is a neat mix and adaptation to some flourishy-type moves out there. I like this a lot! The setup for this is very very fast. It is an instant reset so you could (if you wanted to) keep changing two cards back and forth. This is another one that can be combined with other moves in Project S. This is a lot of fun to practice and not too difficult to get down. It looks really impressive!

    FIREWEED: (Difficult) This is a production of four cards that quickly and simultaneously change into a different four of a kind. This looks neat but it will definitely take some work. I was able to follow along during the explanation to get a really sloppy performance on my first go. This will take some time to get right. Not my style but cool nonetheless.

    HOFZINSER FORCE: (Easy) The Classic Force is a must-have for card-worker magicians and this is my favorite force that I've ever seen. It looks so clean and beautiful. Getting this down will allow you to force a card in the fairest manner possible. I like it a lot!

    OH SNAP CHANGE: (Easy) This move will take a little bit of dexterity to get right but is not hard at all. My favorite part is that this adaptation of the Snap Change makes sense! It appears that the card changed without you moving your fingers around like you see in the Snap Change. This is cool and I like it.

    POP SWIPE: (Intermediate) This is a cool way to produce two cards. The one flies through the air and the other quickly appears when you catch the first. This looks neat but takes a little time to learn. I really had fun messing around with this and throwing cards all over the place (unintentionally). This is a beautiful way to start with two cards before doing the Double Change. I like that this is combined with other effects on the DVD so you can learn some great productions and changes with one purchase. This goes well with lots of things. I like it a lot.

    PROPAINE: (Easy) This is a way to vanish a card in between a sandwich. Simon has created a way for this to look more plausible than other sandwich-vanishes I've seen for two reasons. First, the middle card begins sticking out, slightly forward of the other two so when it does vanish it appears more impossible. Secondly, the handling of the cards afterwards takes some of the heat off and is a decent convincer. What I don't like about this is that you will end dirty and most people will have an idea of what just happened. However, that can easily be mitigated by having the card appear elsewhere and managing your audience well. There are definitely applications for this and this is truly a good move even though you end dirty. With that said, a seasoned magician can quickly develop a few ways to end clean.

    SKYWALKER FLIP: (Easy) I was really excited to learn this one because of how good it looks. I got it on my fifth or sixth try. This takes some trial and error. The explanation was a little rough. There really isn't a lot that goes into this besides a slightly different grip whilst performing the Card Spring. This is impromptu, the selected card can be put just about anywhere in the deck (middle looks best) and this is not hard to get down at all.

    STATIC SHOCK- (Intermediate) The start of this trick reminds me of Air Bender and Fireweed. You are using a four-card production to find the spectator's two selected cards. It looks neat but I probably won't perform this one.

    S CLASSIC FORCE: (Easy) Simon goes over his way to force a card. I like this because he covers a lot of the nuances of having a spectator point to the card that you would like them to choose. The instructions to the spectator and managing them well is paramount. He tells you some of his past mistakes and how they are remedied. This was useful for me as I haven’t used this force much for fear of failure. This isn't fool proof but it will be very close to it.

    DPS PRODUCTION: (Intermediate) This looks cool but is going to take some work. The explanation was a little hard to follow. For those that like four-card productions this will be another to add to your repertoire. Some of the moves that go into this production on their own are valuable and good to know.

    TILT-A-WHIRL: (Difficult) This is a really neat looking color change and looks very fair. It is angle sensitive though. I had to take my ring off to practice this one as well. With some practice that shouldn’t be a problem but it is a bit knacky.

    TABLED FORCE: (Easy) Simon goes over his way of forcing a card from a deck spread across the table. This is interesting stuff and I enjoyed listening to his thoughts and ways that he has found to make this work. I was skeptical at first but now I’m…hopeful. With some practice (and a bit of luck) this could be the fairest force ever. Will not be 100 percent though.

    I’m very satisfied with this video. I have been performing magic for eight years now and this is one of the more impressive productions that I’ve seen. These tricks, moves, and sleights are fun but you will have to develop your own patter and routine.

    Great job Simon. Thanks Ellusionist.
  3. Summary

    Simon is a talented magician and the tricks he explains are great but he lacks teaching skills. I didn't like the way he explained the tricks as it was fast as if we should already know what he is doing. He didn't break it down in to a step by step, easily understanding way. To be fair I believe the main problem wasn't him but mostly the camera position. you cannot see his hands closely and from different angles. If you are a professional magician with good card skills or you have more than above average IQ level this training is great but if you are a amateur magician who is learning magic from time to time you really need to go through the video many times to get what he is doing. Anyway I am sure he is going to be greater than he is now and hope to see him shine.