The instructions below are the same for Pyro and Pyro Mini - any instructions specific to Pyro Mini are in the chapter titled "Pyro Mini Additions" - please watch all chapters before using the device.

Click here for solutions to common issues.

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Download Pyro Instructional Video (1.3 GB)

Download Pyro-Mini Specific Instructions (105 MB)

Note: The above video instructions will also pertain to care, maintainence, loading and performing with Pyro Mini.

Having Trouble with your new Pyro?

Don’t worry with these easy to follow troubleshooting tips and our 60 day bumper to bumper warranty you’re covered! After checking that the batteries are good and are in correctly, the first thing to try is to turn the wrist unit on and back off 6 times in a row. This resets the internal CPU and often solves issues like this.
If that doesn't work try the trouble shooting video found below.