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After almost 2 decades of submissions to Ellusionist, it's not often we're fooled... but Quicksilver floored the entire team. We all thought it was a camera trick. 


The brainchild of Mario Tarasini, a little-known creator from the small country of Lithuania, Quicksilver is one of the most intricate card gimmicks we’ve ever seen.


Do things like: 

• Speed vanish a playing card. 

• Transpose a selection.

• Teleport a card anywhere.  

& much much more.  


The best part is, Quick Silver does 100% of the work for you, all you need to do is open the package and start performing. 


Hand-crafted by Gimmick-smiths off the bourbon trail in Kentucky, United States, it’s simplicity and durability means it fires on command… every time.


This is the type of magic plastered on the walls of social media, used to collect likes and grow audiences. Quicksilver is pure eye candy, and unlike some social media tricks this is not the product of some clever editing.


Once triggered, you'll see the gimmick is so fast, you'll fool yourself.  


Get your handmade Quicksilver card TODAY. 

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  1. Brian

    I am going to have to agree with the other reviews, while great for a little bit, after a little practice, mine ripped and stopped functioning the way it should. I think the price I paid, given that, is reasonable, though it could be lower since it doesn't last as long as other gimmicks.
  2. Chris

    Got this a few weeks ago and unfortunately have to agree with most of the reviews. Unless you are super crafty and do this effect super fast if performing it live, chances are you'll won't be able to feel comfortable doing it in front of someone...however with that said, it also depends on how long and where you hold it. Doing it live comfortably will take time and effort, but in front of camera works best in my experience so far. As far as other reviews mentioning it "talking" even in front of camera, do it outside in a busy area with a little noise or music in background if in a silent place and that won't be a problem. I also found the more it gets used over time, the less it'll "talk." As for the wear in use over time, there is a way to conceal the worn down areas temporarily instead of re-buying or trying to build your own. The easiest way to end "clean" so you won't be left "dirty" is making it re-appear a seconds after it disappears. Practiced this idea for a while for a fluid production and it works well. Overall, the concept is great but I feel could have been developed more. For the price it's still a good must have, as mentioned in the demo video, great for those who want to grow followers on social media.
  3. Neil

    The trick is pretty angle-sensitive and you end up awkwardly dirty, assuming it works when you use it — it's inconsistent at best. It looks great on video, but it would be a trick in itself to find a good place to use this in most real-world performances. The quality of the product is okay, but could be better. The gimmick is very noticeable at close distances or under even moderate scrutiny, so you need to keep it moving and be relatively quick with the effect. If you're looking for a nice effect to add to a demo reel, this can look great on camera, but if you're looking to baffle a small group right in front of you, you might be disappointed. The effect shown at 00:24-00:26 in the trailer is video editing nonsense (obviously) and serves only to mislead — don't expect to produce a card like that with this gimmick.
  4. Max

    This card works well and the concept is great. However, it is impractical as it's hard to work into a trick and also hard to clean up. Good idea but needs some work in terms of practicality.
  5. Jorge

    I was skeptical, even after receiving it. I was nervous about the clean up. But after working with the effect, it's made in such a way that multiple touches can be added. I employed slightly different usage and the effect kills! The teaching is good. The effect.. mind blowing. It takes some getting used to but hey, doesnt everything? Great effect for the price.
  6. Scot

    Looked amazing while it worked. However, it broke on like the fourth use, (even with very gentle, almost timid handling). Didn't even last long enough to get good with it or figure out how to incorporate it into a routine.
  7. Adam

    I love it!!! It works so well and is so easy! Probably better to do on camera rather than live tho
  8. Summary

    Good for camera Only theres No way to do this for a real person. Even for camera wont be easy gimmick talks and your left extremely dirty. Disappointed since i perform for Real people not cameras
  9. rohail

    I have to agree with one of the reviews. The idea is good but it does not work. What you see in the trailer is not what you get. I watched the video a few times, did the needed fix if the gimmick was not closing fast. The gimmick still not have the speed. Another thing is when the the gimmick does close you can still see it...it does not hide well like in the trailer. Very dissapointed.
  10. hari

    If you want something f**king visual
    Please go for it