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Quiver: Card To Wallet, is a premium hip-style card to wallet.

The biggest flaw of traditional card-to-wallet utilities, is that they look so damn suspicious.

Usually they're long, faux leather and only fit comfortably in the inside pocket of a trench coat... NOT ANYMORE.

Leading leather-smith Kelvin Chow (Creator of Quiver & Quiver+) has extended his range by putting his master craftsmanship towards this all new 'Card-to-wallet'

Fashioned from vegetable tanned leather, this wallet is availabe in 3 colors. Red Wine, Gun Metal Grey & all American Tan.

Finished with a gold money clip that fits any bill from any country and a fluid gold zipper, it's the first card-to-wallet that we actually want to use as a wallet.

Quiver has: 

- Quick access compartments for your business or credit card.
- Comes complete with detachable BONUS wallet for card gimmicks
- Hidden slide mechanism with 'card to envelope' functionality. 

In fact, Team E's Lloyd Barnes has had his Quiver Card-To-Wallet (He has the red wine colored one) for over a year now, making our staff deservedly jealous, and in his 20 minute instructional, he'll explain how to perform the classic card to wallet and also let you behind the curtain on what he carries in his Quiver.

With more features than James Bond's car, Kelvin has really put the 'Q' in Quiver.

Get yours TODAY.

Dimensions: 12cm x 9cm (Effortless fit for hip-style pockets like Jeans)


Special thanks to Kelvin Chow & Patrick Kun for allowing us to use this footage. 

Customer Reviews

  • by Toh

    Oct 2018

    Came through the mail and very happy I got it before it went out of stock. It includes everything you need and have enough compartment to carry all your cards. The design is slick and modern, and the loading system is really well made.

  • by Kevin

    Sep 2018

    Finally a CTW looks like a wallet!

  • by Robert

    Sep 2018

    Superb. Just so clean amd simple. The overall finish, grade and quality of the wallet is just awesome. Not only is it an awesome wallet but is a killer routine. CTW is one of my fav. b/c of its simplest idea. Spectator chooses card, signs it then BAM! Signed card into wallet. Not only that, the way the card ends up in the wallet is flawless. Not like the other cheap wallets, where you fumble with your fingers. Already, sold out. I received my wine red today. Once the other 2 colors are back in stock, I will be collecting them all. It's like this ladies and gents, dont mind spending a little extra on something you use everyday. Anytime and to anybody, you will be prepared no matter what.