Red Bordered Dealers by Daniel Madison

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NOTE: These are discontinued as of RIGHT NOW. Ashes to ashes, deck to dust. Red Bordered Dealers will instantly become a collectors item today. Laid to rest by it's peers after serving 19,361 gamblers, cheats, magicians & collectors.

When initially designing the Madison Dealers, the borderless design was an imperative element for me, not for the single advantage it lends to certain gambling sleights, but also because of how beautiful the deck looks when the design bleeds the side of the entire deck.

When creating a new edition of the Dealers, I didn’t just want to offer a new color, I wanted to do something different. I was very intrigued to see how the Dealers would look with a nice thin border, and when the test deck was printed, I simply had to get these out there.

I love these as much as I love the Green Dealers and think that they compliment each other perfectly, and now, you have the best of both worlds with an edition fit for the table, as well as one fit for magic.

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  1. Summary

    I love these cards, when I got my first pack I wasn't sure about the bordered design, but I loved it so much I got a second one. The marking system is great. The stock is great, and the finish is one of the best and very long lasting, I have yet to open the second deck I ordered.
  2. Summary

    Great looking card, have a great card stock to them. Has a glossy feel to them. Card stock is about medium on its thickness.
  3. Summary

    One of my favorite decks. A master piece and so elegant. Wonderful in red