Red Hellions Playing Cards

Red Hellions Playing Cards
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The Madison Hellions have tens of thousands of followers all over the world. They call themselves 'Hellions'. Every one uniquely different, brought together by one design. 

As the final twisted spawn of Daniel Madison, this deck was birthed just before his departure in 2017.

The blood red edition oozes deceit and is entombed in an embossed tuck that's as black as a night you wouldn't go out in.

There's something sinister about this deck... and that's why we love it.

"I put my heart, soul and art into everything that I do, and this can be seen in Hellions."
- Daniel Madison

The deck is a true linen B9 finish. Hailed as Madison's favorite stock in recent years.

Repent with Red.

Get your Red Hellions.


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  1. Nicholas

    Love this addition to the Hellions line up. Still wish we can go back to the crushed stock and not the B9 linen looking one. However, the addition of the little secret inside the box has come back once again! As well as the art work. There’s something included to perform TCM. Good follow up with after saying “don’t play cards with the devil”
  2. Danny

    Love the deck it's so nice and smooth. Love the different designs on the court cards. This is a deck i recommend to anyone who doesn't own it. I created a custom trick just for the art work on the Ace of Diamonds.
  3. Summary

    Astonishing deck! Absolutely love it on the b9 stock.