Red Knights Playing Cards

Red Knights Playing Cards
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  1. Johnie

    Amazing deck I have used mine for 3 years now it still feels like it did when it came out of the box. 5stars knights are you of my favorite decks.
  2. Simon

    Damn. This Deck blew my mind away.

    The design is fantastic (I love metallic ink), the marking system is practical, the deck is thin and the handling amazing.

    Definitely 5 stars.
  3. Joseph

    Honestly some of the smoothest cards I've used. The marking system is wonderful it definitely took me a little getting used to the markings for the suits more than just the value but really great.
  4. Paul

    Great making system and amazing design but cards don't last long and start clumping up and clicking after a week and I store all my cards in a clean dry cool environment. Really disappointed
  5. Summary

    It was really good and in case anybody is wondering on some decks the top left king or watever will tell the suit.
  6. Jeremiah

    Absolutely love these cards, the design is beautifully done and the mar system is golden, I wish there was a way to identify the suits but oh well!
  7. Beau

    This is one of the best decks I have ever used. They handle so well and have a beautiful design.
  8. Summary

    These cards look great and handle amazingly! One of my favourites :)
  9. Summary

    One of my favorites. Smooth and elegant tuck case. Cards handle fantastically and the backs really pop. I love the simple easy-to-read marking system too.
  10. Summary

    I've had this deck for about a month now, and with it being one of the few decks that I have it has gotten some extended use. From cardistry to magic, or just playing battle with your friends, this deck has amazing durability and is the best deck that I have ever used. And the marking system is one of a kind.