Red Knights Playing Cards

Red Knights Playing Cards

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Customer Reviews

  • by Nathaniel

    Jul 2018

    These cards are absolutely incredible!!! Right out of the tuck case they were already my favorite deck I had. Firstly, the cards have a nice crushed stock, an amazing color scheme, a marked back, incredibly beautiful royalty, and have a very elegant overall design. Also the the tuck case is one of the best I have ever seen with embossed gold foil, beautiful inside printing, and a matte red finish. Finally, they just feel good (probably due to the crushed stock), have many reveals, and are fully marked. Overall, I was blown away by the deck. I highly recommend this deck for both magicians and cardists.

  • by Tom Lampone

    Jun 2018

    My favorite deck hands down. The markings are very easy to read once you get the hang of it, and the back design is good at hiding gambling sleights that most white border cards make difficult.

  • by quinton S.

    Apr 2018

    I hardly have the money for expensive decks but when I do I always try and stock up on the Red Knights. So far these have been my favorite cards to perform with and to practice with because it seems like they get better every time I use them so yes I do recommend the red knights!!