Red Mango by Mark Calabrese

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Red Mango is an open prediction of 3 freely chosen cards.

The deck is shuffled into oblivion, no stacks here.

You place down a prediction and the spectator follows your lead. This is a free choice.

Imagine if it was the same card?

Now, that as a trick would be insane. This is insanity to the power of 3.

Two more selections are freely chosen. You never touch their deck and you always put down your cards first.


This isn't magic, we're starting to think Mark Calabrese is a prescient. Knowing the future with absolute certainty.

He already knew we'd type this, and that you'd be desperate to download it by now.

Learn Red Mango IMMEDIATELY.

Difficulty: Easy
Gimmicks: Some construction required.

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Customer Reviews

  • by Mitchell

    Jul 2018

    I really don't like to rate products with low star ratings but unfortunately this one gets it. Very simply, whilst there are two ways of performing this trick, neither are particularly effective in my opinion. It's not that this is a bad trick by any means, but compared to other card tricks, this one is definitely lack luster.

  • by Javier

    Jul 2018

    It´s a very good trick, may say that you need (and buy if you haven´t) something extra to do it.

  • by Ryan

    Feb 2018

    Personally this trick is one of my favorite tricks to ever perform. It is very very smart and the gimmick involved is pretty much supplied in your deck. However to do the two deck version of this you do need something else to make it work. It really was worth it to me. This trick is so freaking great and just omg it’s so smart and I can't - there are no words for how great this trick is. It is taught beautifully and very clear. I do recommend this very much