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    Republic #2 is the second release in the Republic brand, following the original 'Sultan' Republic and it's special edition, the Sultan Republic: Treasury.

    Everything about Republic #2 has been distilled to deliver a pure experience. The Canon C100 and RED Epic cameras used on the trailer are groundbreaking in the world of magic, capturing Slow Motion in Ultra High Definition and elevating the work from 'trailer' to 'commercial'.

    The aesthetics of the original Republic have been stripped back to their foundations - smaller indexes that look startling in fans and an all new layout for spot cards that draws the eye and makes color changes really pop.

    The Ace and Jokers have been distilled down to their essence retaining only the vertical type and iconography of the original, embracing the clean theme of the deck.

    Designed by Mike Clarke, Republic #2 is a breath of fresh air amidst the hustle of everyday life.

    Customer Reviews

    • by Kristopher

      Feb 5, 2014

      An elegance found in simplicity is the only way I can describe such a beautiful deck. The cards stock is as if it were wrapped in a linen textured silk. A favorite that I will find myself using more than the typical flash.

    • by Nathan Kristian

      Feb 2, 2014

      Nice smooth deck! Font just a little bit to small... Overall not bad :) 3 out of 5

    • by Jeff Deleon

      Jan 18, 2014

      This deck is amazing. It was so flexible the first time and still is. Only down side to this deck is if you're doing magic it may be hard for the spectator to select a card because of the back design. But overall it is a very awesome deck and I will most likely order more.