Republic Playing Cards #2

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  1. Summary

    Got the deck today, its simplicity makes it beautiful and elegant. They feel great and handle well. Overall a great deck.
  2. Summary

    Love the deck. The borderless cards handle very well but sometimes make you dizzy if you fan them over and over again. The faces are just as good as the back. Great feel. Great style. Great deck!
  3. Summary

    Just got these today and I am in love with them. Playing poker, flourishing, magic. You name it they do it!
  4. Summary

    No borders, silky smooth finish, great card stock. By far the best borderless deck I've came across. You can NOT go wrong with these cards, Ellusionist designed another flawless creation with this deck.
  5. Summary

    I did not think much as to why I purchased this particular deck other then the fact that the back design was borderless. I have grown to really appreciate these cards and I use them often. It took a little getting used to the small indexes but my vision has grown accustomed to their small size. But what really blew me away was the design of the 10 spots. They resemble the Qabalistic Sephiroth in the Tree of Life arrangement…coincidence? Perhaps…Over all a great and pleasing deck to own!
  6. Summary

    Love these cards!!!! I love how tight the pattern is and how they fan. I also like the small pips and numbers because with some practice you can get it to where your spectator can see every card in a face up fan. The small numbers are also nice because if you accidentally flash a card the spectator most likely wont notice.
  7. Summary

    An elegance found in simplicity is the only way I can describe such a beautiful deck. The cards stock is as if it were wrapped in a linen textured silk. A favorite that I will find myself using more than the typical flash.
  8. Summary

    Nice smooth deck! Font just a little bit to small... Overall not bad :) 3 out of 5
  9. Summary

    This deck is amazing. It was so flexible the first time and still is. Only down side to this deck is if you're doing magic it may be hard for the spectator to select a card because of the back design. But overall it is a very awesome deck and I will most likely order more.
  10. Summary

    This is the best looking deck with non-traditional face designs that I have ever seen. The overall aesthetic maintains the utmost class while still being contemporary. Feels like butter in your hands.