Resonance by Lewis Le Val

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Resonance is the ability to see through the eyes of another. Telling them every single card they see

True story...

In the late 1970's the US Army looked into using parapsychology and 'new age' powers to provide intelligence to give them a significant advantage over their enemy.

Special Forces Intel First Sergeant Glenn Wheaton was a stone-cold killer. A remote-viewing psychic spy.

According to Top Secret documents that were leaked recently, Wheaton's remote viewing skills could readily identify remote locations across space and time... to bring back actual intelligence grade data.

Dangerous power, if in the wrong hands.

Flash forward 37 years and in comes Lewis Le Val. Displaying all the same skills, but admitting to none. The man the US Army wished was real.

Resonance is the ability to see through the eyes of another. Telling them every single card they see, from a chosen suit in a shuffled deck.

- Spectator can shuffle
- Perform with your eyes closed
- No gimmicks needed
The power that Sergeant Wheaton couldn't prove can be yours.

Buy today. Perform instantly.

Format: Download
Difficulty: Intermediate
Duration: 10 minutes
Extras: PDF bonus included with donwload.
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  1. Summary

    This hits hard. Not for everyone though. Highly recommend being familiar with some form of false riffle shuffle and also, this is for the mentalist. If mentalism isn't your thing then leave now. You also have to have a slight amount of control over your spectator, and as always ,practice practice practice ! Highly recommend.
  2. Summary

    I wasn't really expecting much for 8 dollars, but somehow I was still disappointed. I was expecting something new, but this is not new at all! The whole "spectator shuffles" thing threw me off. This trick is okay, if presented correctly, but I probably won't be using it.
  3. Summary

    After few performance i realize this trick is so strong when you doing it for a girls the strongest part of this trick is the presentation and having a deck in spectator hands its really sell this effect, i love this kind trick because so simple yet power full.