ReTURNtion by Moritz Mueller

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At 18, Moritz Mueller is a coin magic phenom and already one of the most experienced coin workers in the world.

No one person has ever made such an impact with a single coin.

Mueller introduces you to the ingenious world of 'ReTURNtion', a cutting-edge technique that will perfect your retention vanish in one simple step.

Haven't learned the retention vanish yet? That's actually better, you'll have no bad habits to get over.

Once you learn the technique, you can apply the mechanics to:

• The Pop Production
• The Wave Production
• The Perfect Switch 
• Color Changes 
+ Bonus Vanishes and Productions taught 


Learn NOW.

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  1. Harvey

    Brilliant, the most versatile and move i know.
    you won't regret your purchase. I used this move in his one coin routine.You shoud purchase both NOW!!
  2. Dave

    This kid is ineradicable..., The energy he displays while sharing his techniques is refreshing and truly inspiring. Well worth 9 dollars to learn from Moritz, as he is a true artist in coin craft.
  3. Robert

    The technique only works best when a coin size is in proper proportion to your finger length. I use a Morgan Dollar and have long fingers and find that I need to cramp up too much to initiate and follow through on the moves. This works well for Mortiz Mueller because of the ratio of the Morgan Dollar coin size to his finger length. For me, I would need to try something like a Mexican 2oz Libertad which might work. If your finger length to coin size ratio is closer to that of Mortiz this should work for you (and in that case it is a great item).