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  1. Great company and products, but not very hasty

    Pros: I love ellusionist! I think it is one of the best sites to continue to learn magic, even though I’m just 14 and have a lot to learn. Ellusionist always tops their previous release with more cutting edge, shocking, sleek magic for the modern day magician. From whether I’m doing stage magic or street magic, I almost always get my props from ellusionist.

    Cons: Ellusionist doesn’t have the greatest amount of creators, personally I wish they would start selling some sansmind or shin lim products. Also they aren’t the hastiest company, as some orders of mine took about a week just to get into in mail system and then the shipping was what I paid for.

    Overall I think Ellusionist is a great 1st place to shop for all magicians, I’d just recommend having a backup store to shop from once you’ve picked through all that Ellusionist has to offer!
  2. Great Content and love the website

    Awesome content, well laid out website. Definitely shop here again. Wish there was an Ellusionist store in Canada.
  3. Stunning doesn't even cover it.

    I have been involved with magic like most others, since I was 6-7 years old. At age 8, became a semi-pro doing parties, and corporate, sales type events. I haven't performed professionally since high school but still keep in touch with the art.

    I have bought several different items from ellusionist over the last several years and each time, it's something unbelievable, and they just keep finding/creating what I feel is beyond cutting edge, slick, elegant items. They're killing me as far as trying to save money, but man, its so worth every single penny.

    You guys are absolutely incredible, and I love what you do, and what you are doing! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for keeping things real, freakish and beautiful.
  4. Fascinating

    I have always been fascinated by magic and playing cards. I have only just recently in last few months heard about you and wow amazing, fascinating, incredible, playing cards, shipping, comments that I've read about your site and the magicians, designers and the site in general. What is funny to me is all this time I have shopped only at Walgreen's or Walmart dollar stores looking for cards that were different. I saw on you tube a little while ago about some fancy clothing or purse designer's playing cards that cost 5,000 dollars I want say. I grew up in northern Illinois but anyway that's when I really started looking for some new playing cards that were just amazing. thanks for letting me ramble I will be buying more cards in the future if when I ever can come up with the cash. I am by no means saying that you are expensive I'm just broke no income filling for disability for my fused wrist. I can not wait till I can get some more cards Thanks again for letting me ramble on.
  5. Good

    Nice site. Good tricks and enough decks to buy. Maybe add something like a free starter pack or something for beginning magicians. I only have guardians and standard jumbo sized.
  6. I must confess

    I have many Confessions and I am not among the Saints. I will take advantage of opportunity and to prove it the cards I hold in my hand right now have seduced me to shameful levels. Yet, I cannot repent...I am forever lost because I refuse to be one of the many Martyrs for Daniel. I am a Hellion!
  7. I love these guys!!!

    They treat their customers like gold! I am amazed and impressed with their service. I prefer to get cards, tricks and gaffs here, nowhere else. I also think it's cool they have some of the BEST minds of the industry including: Daniel Madison, Adam Wilber and others. Again, LOVE Ellusionist. Thanks guys
  8. amazing service

    The crew at Ellusionist is so helpful and produces top quality products
  9. Thank you.

    Ellusionst has done so much good for me over the years I can't thank them enough. All of the material I have purchased from them has been well worth my investment and the loads of free content they publish is much appreciated. The magic I have learned from Brad, Daniel, Adam, Pete, Chris and others with Team E has helped me create countless memories with friends, family and strangers.

    Thank you Team E.
  10. small problems with the shiping

    Just called up to ask about my order, since I haven't yet ordered anything else from the States. The Operator was very friendly and gave me all the information I needed.

    Great work