Ring Heist by Marcus Eddie

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Take a borrowed ring from your spectator and securely tie it onto a rubber band. Make sure your spectator cannot take the ring off of the band.

Now grab a second rubber band and begin to display how you can make a secured, borrowed ring leap from band to band at will and with ease. Then, take the tied ring and gladly hand it to your spectator for an unforgettably powerful souvenir.

Difficulty: Beginner
Run-time: 16 minutes
Format: Download

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  • by sean bennett

    Jun 2013

    amazing ring trick fools everybody
  • by sean bennett

    May 2013

    very visual ring jump
  • by Jacob Schapira

    May 2013

    Super cool! Really amazing effect and simple to learn!
  • by michael blau

    Apr 2013

    Really easy and cool trick. It surprises my every time I do it. For $5 this is a really good trick for beginners looking for impromptu magic, this is for you.
  • by Paulo Quicoli

    Feb 2013

    So easy and simple. Like Brad says, good magic = simple things. I loved it.
  • by Tamariz

    Feb 2013

    Very simple moves, and pretty awesome trick. Took me like 10 minutes to understand well the moves, another 10 minutes to make it better.

    With practice this will became really simple and casual.

    Love it! If you want a simple trick to impress this is your option.
  • by Pete A.

    Feb 2013

    This is a impromptu,visual,and easy effect that is stunning. Honestly the only hard part is hiding one small thing. This trick doesn't have to be preformed at a certain angle, so you don't have to worry about positioning. Once you start doing it you'll be convincing yourself that your're really magic!
  • by Lobrex

    Feb 2013

    I bought ring heist 2 weeks ago. This trick is just amazing!! It's really simple, you don't need any gimmick and you can master your performance on it only in few days! It's a really simple and exciting magic trick the same time!!
    Totally worth it!!
  • by Anand Tyagi

    Dec 2012

    This trick look amazing and will get many great reactions. I myself sat for 10 minutes just looking at this because I just can't tell what's going on. This trick has like one tricky part put otherwise is easy to learn. Thumbs up for Marcus.
  • by Spencer Green Green

    Nov 2012

    For anyone who does Shapeshifter, (me personally i do the wave version) this trick is exactly like this. It is mesmerizing to do for yourself. Forget performing this for other people, your gonna love just sitting in school, making the ring jump from one band to another. This trick is sooo genius, yet soo simple. I could perform the actual jump in an minute, and good enough to fool all my roommates within 20 minutes. This trick is easily worth 15 20 bucks!! Buy this trick, and i guarantee that youll not regret the 5 bucks you spent for it :)

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