Slider Double by Mike Hankins

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At your next Texas Hold'em game, take a look at your opponents' faces when you eject 3 single cards to your players in ONE throw, only to discover that each of those cards is now 2 cards (or 3, or 4, or even 5).

Great for gambling demonstrations, Slider Double is a utility move that is perfect for impressing ANYONE at the tables. Try using it for double doubles, triple doubles, double triples, triple triples, quadruple-trip-double crazy math that we can't even do.

Two Full routines (Vegas Prediction & Poker Deal) taught in detail from the demented mind of Mike Hankins.

Difficulty: Beginner
Run-time: 14 minutes
Format: Download

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  • by Robert Marston

    Jun 2013

    This is a quick and slick move. It is a cool move, but I think that it is a bit over priced; however, this is a move that I can definitely see myself using.
  • by daniel lam

    May 2013

    cool little effect i like to do when im bored sitting at a desk or table
  • by Tommy Kristiansen

    Jan 2012

    The slider double is a easy trick and it is cheap you should buy it . I promise you vill have a lot of fun. Thanks Mike.good trick
  • by Bobo

    Oct 2011

    This is one of my favorite moves to do, it's fun and pretty easy. One suggestion though if you do this it works best with cards that don't have a border or they just have black borders, this way you can't see the shadow. overall this is an awesome move and I think everyone should get this.
  • by ari wells

    Aug 2011

    what a useful sleight. the video was a little bit confusing but once you mess around with the trick youwill get it
  • by Ryan H

    Jul 2011

    ultra cool and easy to learn. If you have an ounce of card "skilz" this one will be an easy pick up for you. I was sliding two doubles out onto my kitchen table within 15 min.

    Mike was incredibly goofy but a great teacher.
  • by rohan Chitale

    Jun 2011

    Yes, It's fantastic! I'm going to use this in my Wayne Houchin's Invisible Palm Routine. TOO Good! A
  • by Sam Clay

    Jun 2011

    What can I say?
    Well to start of with the slider double is just such a versatile move that I'm sure I will be incorporating into my routines for years to come. It is quick, easy and blows minds every time. Just make sure you practice before you perform (as always) as if this messes up and the cards separate before you want them to you're going to look a bit silly.
    With regard to Mike Hankins, well he has to be one of the best teachers I've seen on an ellusionist product. He has a great depth of knowledge about his art and his own teachers, and manages to make the viewer laugh many times throughout. Always a good sign in my book. Who wants to be learning from a totally monotone voice that never smiles??
    Overall I great product, and do not hesitate to buy. You will not regret it!

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