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Red. It is the symbol of passion, courage and sacrifice. It is the color of warning, of lethality, of danger. The color of power. Of kings. Of prosperity. It was only a matter of time until we captured that spirit in a deck of cards.

All 3,000 decks made available for sale have sold out. The remaining 2000 will only be available through contests, promotions and giveaways. The Red Artifice was the first Ellusionist Limited Edition deck sold to the public. 3,000 decks were available for sale.

They're now all gone.

It started with the First Edition Black Ghost - A deck made solely for artists and competition prizes. It wasn't until five years later that the Gold Arcane was created, as a thank-you to loyal Ellusionist customers, and an award to those who were able to show their skill and knowledge in competition.

Today, we continue that tradition with Red Artifice. Cards created exclusively for use by Ellusionist Artists, a Limited Edition of only 5,000. Since before their existence was confirmed, they have been sought-after.

No detail has been spared in the development of these cards. From the shape of the scallop on the back of the tuck box that allows the word 'Artifice' to be seen, to the design of the card held by the Joker, these are cards that have been engineered to deliver the utmost in craft to the hands of the professional.

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  • by Matthew Whittaker

    Jul 2013

    My review is simple. This is my number 1 favorite of all time deck of cards. They look so beautiful and are all around just amazing. I wish I were able to buy more. When E holds another competition to get one of these everyone should try their hardest to get them.
  • by Liam

    May 2013

    A must for collectors, flourishers and magicians, this is not just a deck it's THE DECK!
  • by Hudson Hufham

    Apr 2013

    I love everything about these cards. Smooth and stunning.
  • by Joel Luna

    Jan 2013

    I've had these for over a year and still handle great and look great. Get them if you get the chance
  • by Kyle Hedrick

    Oct 2012

    Many words come to mind when I use these and those words are: Amazing, Art, Magical, and ENCHANTING! These are by far the greatest cards I've ever had the honor to use. I received them as a free gift and wish I could get more. I treasure these cards.
  • by Lim se-hwan

    Jul 2012

    한정으로 나온 아티피스덱~ 너무 멋지고 환상적입니다. 한글로 써도되는지는 모르겠지만...
    레드의 강렬한 색감이 잘 스며든 카드입니다.
    소장가치 좋습니다.

    //We think we agree. Google Translate said something about an intense sleep. We like to think it meant 'These handle like a Dream' - but it could just have easily been 'These put me in a Coma.' Either way - we're sure our Korean Friends will appreciate the review. Thanks! -Team Ellusionist.
  • by kim verhoeven

    Aug 2011

    Just got them in today, and they handel great!

    Normally i don't like the red deck's that there are on the marked, but with the Artifice it's diferent, the design looks great, and it's a shame that there are only 5000 Deck's printed, but on the other hand, it's a great deck to complete the collection as an collerctor's item and i think the bleu one's are going to be my new standard deck to do magic card trick with.... what do you guy's think about a artifice gaff deck? ;)
  • by Arun Deep

    Aug 2011

    I just got my deck. This is AWESOME! This deck is everything Ellusionist stands for. Did I mention it is awesome? Oh, well. The only reason I gave this 4 stars is because I ordered 2 and got only 1. But one is worth both's price!
  • by William

    Jul 2011

    I didn't buy these cards to keep them wrapped up, or sell them on some site for $100. I bought them to use them and enjoy them. Having had them for only 7 hours now and done several tricks and handled them quite a bit, I can say that they are the best I've had.

    They fan beautifully. And handling them is a dream. Let me tell you this. If you have an Artifice deck then simple picture a glorious shade of red instead of blue. They really are a joy to look at.

    I can say that I feel lucky to be on of the few that purchased this fantastic deck.

    Thank you ellusionist for such a masterpiece!!

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