Clip Spin Change by Mike Hankins

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You've seen it a million times. Some guys, as they work with their cards, rotate the deck end over end as they manipulate their cards. Hankins has turned that natural motion into a completely fluid color change that can repeat itself, over and over and over.

Using the Clip Spin move, Mike has developed a technique to make an endless array of cards change and keep changing. Great for color changes OR a control. Clip Spin is a versatile utility that can be worked into your handling with any funky looking hand moves.

• 100% Impromptu.
• Bonus Cull Move taught.
•Can be used as a control to move a card to the top of the deck.
• Use a borrowed deck.
• Instant reset.
• No setup.
• No gimmicks of any kind.
• Multiple angles and close up teaching adds for easy learning.

Difficulty: Beginner
Run-time: 13 minutes
Format: Download

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