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We have finally found the undeniable, absolute pinnacle of Invisible Thread. A thread that we've tested to out-last, out-lift, out-stretch and plain out-do anything that is on the market. This is the strongest IET we have ever seen.

Each spool contains 400 feet of thread. That is a FOOTBALL FIELD. It's enough to last even the most frequent user a full year of performances.

Levitate. Suspend. Animate. Touch. Hover. Move. Freak Out. We think we've finally discovered a thread that does it all - better than anything else out there.

• Float a Solid Silver Dollar
• Perform Haunted Pack anywhere in the deck
• Perfect for 'hands off' hook-ups
• Low-Gloss Finish for maximum invisibility
• No Stripping Required
• 400ft of Invisible Elastic Thread

Tired of wasting our money on packet after packet of Loops (we like floating things... a lot) we've instead been tying our own for a while, but nothing we used really delivered everything we wanted in a thread. They were too visible, too inelastic, too brittle, too weak - just not up to our standards.

Rather than admitting defeat however, we instead set out to find a thread that was up to our demanding standards - and therefore, up to yours. Through much experimentation, deliberation, comparison and consultation with some serious Chuck Norris-style thread workers, we emerged from our testing labs (ok, ok - 'Warehouse') with a spool of magical gold - 400Ft of what we believe to be the best invisible thread available anywhere.

But hey - don't take our word for it - add it to cart and be amazed yourself.

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  • by Mr E

    Mar 2017

    A must have for sure
  • by Daanyal

    Jan 2017

    Love it. They dont break easy. Can hardly see it and last a long time.
    I recomened getting some magicans wax with the purchase as the wax that comes with it is a very little and gets used up pretty fast.
  • by John

    Feb 2014

    I haven't tried any other threads yet, but this stuff really is STRONG. The only down side, as others have said, is that it is pretty visible. Under certain lighting conditions it is completely invisible, but most of the time, you'll be able to see it.
  • by Grant Cloud

    Feb 2014

    Amazing product, great for making loops!
  • by Nadeem Salameh

    Jan 2014

    too visible, legacy and infinity is way better than this the only good point for it that its stronger than other threads, so if you're doing stage stuff it will help you
  • by Brady Oberley

    Jan 2014

    The thread is super strong! I haven't left the house without it since it arrived. My only complaint is that the wax that came with it was really dirty and looked like it had been used a couple times.
  • by Jordi Hamilton

    Jan 2014

    Stronger than the Yigal Mesika stuff, but more visible. Invisibility seems more important than strength on invisible thread. Honestly if you can lift more, but your spectator can see the string, it isn't as effective... But it's not so bad as long as you use it in the right environments and with the right clothing. overall, pretty good.
  • by JoAnne

    Jan 2014

    My 12 year old grandson loves the 400 foot spool of invisible thread I purchased from you for one of his Christmas gifts. I was a bit concerned it would not arrive in time based on the information you shared on your website. Its quick arrival was a pleasant surprise. He is pleased with the amount of thread as it does disappear! The only suggestion I would make it to modify the spool by adding a slit to secure the end of the thread as it is really hard to find the end after it has laid around for a few days. Thank you.
  • by Nick Holden

    Jan 2014

    This was my first time with loops, and wow, these are amazing. They stretch so much and are so strong, I haven't tried making loops yet, but I'm looking forward to it! Great buying experience and great product! I realize now this sounds like a cheesy tv ad xD sorry folks
  • by Rafiul Khan

    Dec 2013

    Way better then buying loops, and a lot stronger.

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