Artifice Second Edition : Blue


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The first edition of Artifice Playing Cards attained perfection, elegance and commanded attention. But you wanted more and we're here to prove to you that we're always listening.

Perfection was just the beginning. The Artifice Playing cards are now adorned with a functional border on the back that allow anyone to perform 'reversed' card effects and improve upon the deceptiveness of your sleights.

Perfection was only the first step. Enter, the next generation of Artifice. Second Edition: Blue.

Due to overwhelming demand, the functional border on the back was added to improve upon the deceptiveness of sleights requiring the alignment of cards, such as a Push Off Double or Elmsley count.

The dark psychology of artifice just got a massive upgrade.

    • Exclusive Performance Coating provides exceptional handling
    • True-metallic silver line art
    • Prime casino-grade stock for control and durability
    • Stylized border, maintaining the aesthetics of the original design
    • Built-in reveal on jokers
    • Consulted with a dozen card pros including Asher, Fisher and Madison
    • Designed by top Ellusionist designers, Jason Brumbalow, Lee McKenzii and Carlos Batlló
    • Printed at the US Playing Card Company, with the highest quality control available

"These are now my only weapons of choice. " - Daniel Madison, Advocate of the Deceptive Arts

"Hands down my favorite deck of all time." - Eric Jones, Top Pro

Video card display and artistry by Shade.

Customer Reviews

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  • by AJ

    Jan 2017

    My absolute favorite deck that I own. I quickly bought 3 more decks so I can make it my carry around deck to perform with. Absolutely fantastic quality.
  • by Jet Veridis

    Nov 2014

    This so far has got to be my favorite deck of all time.
    Great for magic and cardistry, and also the only deck I feel comfortable doing "under pressure" with. Great stock, not too thin but not incredibly stiff either. Fantastic finish,smooth enough too fan easily, but they stick together great for aerial flourishes.
  • by Terry Ady

    Apr 2014

    The artifice line is some of my favorite cards, the blue are my favorite. They handle like a dream and don't wear out too easily. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
  • by William Jedynak

    Mar 2014

    I love this deck. I've been able to practice and perform and these cards are still in great condition. After about 3 weeks of using these cards, they still feel amazing. On top of that, they look and feel great! Really good cards.
  • by Jason Proakis

    Feb 2014

    These are some of the best card I've ever used I'm so glad I purchased them extremely classy looking as well as smooth flourishes
  • by Bill Bateman

    Jan 2014

    The only actual problem is: I hate to use them in effects where I have them signed, I lose one that way.
    So far they seem to do everything I have seen here in the reviews, except fan themselves. You have to move your hand a little for that.
    Moving away from darker cards, but I will still get these for special events. Classy.
  • by Oliver Sørensen

    Dec 2013

    I love this deck! The borders look great, and it still have that mysterious look! AND it handles like a dream!!! :D
  • by Erick Martinez

    Oct 2011

    I absolutely love this deck it is completely amazing the way it feels is very good. 6/5 stars I love how the Jokers look too. Blows my mind whenever I hold them in my hand.
  • by Austin Schmidt

    Oct 2011

    The art design for the cards are absolutely beautiful and the white borders just compliment the whole set. The performance coating makes the cards just glide across from each other with little frustration. an excellent deck for beginners.
  • by Jon Kreisler

    Oct 2011

    The performance coating is just wonderful. Right out of the box they fan flawlessly and handle like a champ. Unlike other reviewers, I am a bit disappointed by the white borders added to the second edition. I guess it's just a matter of taste. These cards are definitely well made, superior to many others and should last a long time. Quality built in. Thanks Ellusionist.

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