Pure Smoke Refills


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Never run out of smoke for your Pure Smoke system! These exclusive refills will deliver over 80+ large puffs of smoke per refill cartridge. Each pack comes in a quantity of 10 refills.

Get deep discounts on refills when you buy in bulk.

$24.95 - 1 Pack of White Refills (10 refills)
$44.91 - 2 Packs of White Refills (20 refills) (10% off)
$59.88 - 3 Packs of White Refills (30 refills) (20% off)

Fact List

• Very, very safe water-like vapor. No harmful or corrosive chemicals.
• Compact, clean, safe and disposable.
• 10 smoke refill cartridges per pack. That's over 850+ puffs of smoke.
• COLORED smoke coming soon! (Black smoke, Red smoke, Blue smoke, Yellow smoke, Green smoke). Can you imagine BLACK smoke as you perform a color change with white cards?
• Each cartridge delivers 80 large puffs of thick, vaporous smoke.

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