Artifice Second Edition : Emerald

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The first edition of Artifice Playing Cards attained perfection, elegance and commanded attention. But you wanted more and we're here to prove to you that we're always listening.

Perfection was just the beginning. The Artifice Playing cards are now adorned with a functional border on the back that allow anyone to perform 'reversed' card effects and improve upon the deceptiveness of your sleights.

Perfection was only the first step. Enter, the next generation of Artifice. Second Edition: Blue.

Due to overwhelming demand, the functional border on the back was added to improve upon the deceptiveness of sleights requiring the alignment of cards, such as a Push Off Double or Elmsley count.

The dark psychology of artifice just got a massive upgrade.

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    • Exclusive Performance Coating provides exceptional handling
    • True-metallic silver line art
    • Prime casino-grade stock for control and durability
    • Stylized border, maintaining the aesthetics of the original design
    • Built-in reveal on jokers
    • Consulted with a dozen card pros including Asher, Fisher and Madison
    • Designed by top Ellusionist designers, Jason Brumbalow, Lee McKenzii and Carlos Batll√≥
    • Printed at the US Playing Card Company, with the highest quality control available

"These are now my only weapons of choice. " - Daniel Madison, Advocate of the Deceptive Arts

"Hands down my favorite deck of all time." - Eric Jones, Top Pro

Video card display and artistry by Shade.

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  • by Nalindaka Hettiarachchi

    Sep 2016

    My first ellusionist deck and this just blew my mind even before opening the box. classy design will make you look like a pro!! border less court cards and an awesome ace of spades!!!!! mmmmmmm love 'em
  • by Casey Allen

    May 2014

    I ordered these cards off of Ellusionist, through Amazon and they are amazing. They are very, very smooth, but yet they are still really easy to control. If you are practicing sleight of hand or just doing street magic, these are the cards for you!
  • by Ulises Solis

    Mar 2014

    The deck of cards are amazing I just love the Design as Well as the reveal by the jokers and it's also an improved version of the old artifice decks because you couldn't turn cards over without seeing it but now that they have the white borders it's easier to perform tricks without having to switch decks of cards so if you want cards that are good for everything the artfice deck is the one for that the only thing i wish you would have included was more joker reveals like 3 or 4 so you could force different cards. Overall Great Job
  • by Jose

    Mar 2014

    Very good cards although the back design is a little bit too straight forward, but if you are an artifice fan you should get one.
  • by dylan bryant

    Feb 2014

    these cards receive some of the best reactions of all of the decks I've used in performance. a very professional look to a brilliantly made deck of cards. faro out-of-box, fan pretty well, bright brilliant flourishes, and solidly durable. these are also my go-to cards for table work, they carry a rich prestige that commands attention and respect.

    now with a border on the backs, the only thing I didn't like about the V1.
  • by Nathan Douglas

    Feb 2014

    These playing cards are hands down my favorite. I enjoy a lot of other Ellusionist's decks but these take the cake. They glide so smoothly, fan like nothing else, and their color is ultra brilliant. I always find myself using these cards more then any other deck I own.
  • by Ian Anchors

    Nov 2013

    This is beautiful deck for all magicians who have intence swag and essence. I love this deck it is quite unique and i love it .
  • by Daniel Szanto

    Nov 2013

    Was a great product, I was happy with the quality it came in and was nice and sleek, the only con about it was the case was easily ripped in my pocket (on of the top corners) but otherwise, I would by it twice. It's also a perfect gift for young magicians!
  • by Christian Serrano

    Nov 2013

    I love the color green and when i saw that artifice had a emerald color deck, I had to have them... The design of the deck is amazing, i find myself staring at them more than i do playing with them... This is a professional grade deck... Period... oh and did i mention the joker... I fit my look around the joker... thats all i have to say for you to understand... The only downside is the texture of the box... easily scratches... besides that... Marvelous!
  • by michael t

    Sep 2013

    My 10yr old started getting into card magic(like his dad). I surprised him with his very first deck of cards from Ellusionist. He was so amazed when he opened these up. Such an awesome deck.

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