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The key itself has been manufactured from a patented alloy, similar to the Self Bending Fork, and will stay in its 'set' condition, even hanging on your key chain - so you're ready to perform at a moment's notice. The Fork works in the same way as the Key and is perfect for more formal situations. Get the Shift: Self Bending Fork, here.

The above video shows just how powerful the Shift Metal Bending System really is - and how easy it is to perform. Whilst the Shift Fork is used in the above video (because of the Diner setting) the Shift Key uses the exact same principle - it's like a pocket-sized Shift Fork.

Shift: Self Bending Key activates it's bending movements using ONLY your spectator's body heat. You can manipulate the molecules of metal without touching the key as is slowly bends in open view.

In a breakthrough of technology, Shift: Self Bending Key is the lowest priced self bending metal effect in history. Not to mention the ONLY engineered the gimmick to stay straight in room temperature UNTIL you place it inside the spectator's hands.

Shift will remain unbent, unnoticed, and unassuming until the moment you place it into the spectator's hands. From that moment on, your work is done and the real phenomenon begins.

You now have the tool for a surreal performance. A physical impossibility is now within your reach.

"People are truly going to lose their minds over this. A key is INCREDIBLY practical." - Joel Bauer, Top Pro

"I thought the self bending fork was off the chain, the key is so much better." - Anthony Brown, Salem NJ

"Please let me perform this before anyone else!." - Eric Ross Top Pro

IMPORTANT: This is NOT an opening effect. If you perform this as your first trick, make it your ONLY trick, because NOTHING can follow Shift. Your spectators will look at you through new eyes, so why go perform a card trick after something like this? Shift is your "coup de grace" effect. No effect is more, fair, unbelievable or convincing.


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  • by Reza Mikhaeil

    Apr 2016

    I wasn't going to write a review for this because I didn't think it warranted one but after reading some of the negative reviews I must do so.

    First things first, people have said that it is much thinner than a house key and nobody is going to believe that it's legit. That is complete and utter - 100% nonsense. I compared it to several house keys and it is nothing more then a hair thinner (worst case scenario) and after doing this nearly a half a dozen times, not one person yet has said "that looks thinner", hell no.

    Other people have said "well you can't hand it out", this is true that you cannot (unless you don't mind being out $100) but why would you give it out? If you were to take your real house key and bend it, would you give that out and would your participant want to take it home? If they did, you should be concerned because they might want it in order to break into your house. I have never had a person say "...can I sign it" or "can I take it home to show my online friends from my moms basement", NEVER.

    This is completely worth the money and if I had to give a criticism it would be that it doesn't ALWAYS stay straight when you want it to... if you are going to keep it with your other keys, do not keep it in the kitchen where your mother cooks. The humidity alone from that big pot of spaghetti will activate it and you will have to re-set it. I had it on my kitchen table straight and within a few minutes of my wife boiling water on our stove it was bending. When I put it in my living room, no problems. If you live in a severely humid climate, you might have more problems with this than I did.

    Now could Ellusionist solve this humidity problem? No, because then it might not activate when you want it to... if you live in colder weather you might already notice that your presentation needs to be extended slightly in order for it to fully activate.

    I hope that nobody else does buy it because I want this all to myself, it's beautiful. I bought one for my daughter and I'm going to be buying another because it's that good. I would love to hate on Ellusionist, I have often strove to be critical on them but this product is just too damn good. No other self-bending mechanism is as good as this one from any other magic company, trust me on that... Ellusionist really does put out great stuff, even if not all of it is for me.
  • by Jonathan Todd

    Sep 2013

    My experience is exactly the same as Chris's above. However, despite it never being "straight" I love the effect. I think the presenter on video should take out the "remains straight" comment. You need to do it fast or prep before use. To overcome the issue, I choose to open with this effect and I comment on just how powerful my psi powers are - Look! I can't even open my own door because when I touch my damn key it often bends just enough to be unable to fit the lock! But let me show what happens when I concentrate - however I don't want to touch the thing again or I'll never get back in my house! You hold it . . . and then that little bend goes nuts. Hope this helps some of you. Has to work with your style because you're calling attention to a little bend to start with. . . .
  • by Roger Stallard

    Jun 2013

    This key is very well made. Though it has some slight differences from a normal key, it can pass for one with some advanced handling. The set up and bending work well with one major exception. The key I received would never assume a completely straight shape. The instructions were followed completely and multiple times. In every case there was a very slight bend in the key. Careful handling can overcome this flaw but the key cannot be shown to be totally straight at the beginning. The effect of a severe bend at the conclusion is very dramatic and makes this item worth some investment and effort by performer with good misdirection skills. This is the best bending key I have experienced even though it cannot be shown well at the beginning of the effect. I recommend it to experienced performers.
  • by Jamie Roach

    May 2013

    It has many problems but my friend claims telekinetic powers are fake then I showed him this and he literately crapped himself
  • by Chris Amparo

    May 2013

    The claim that the key will stay straight in room temperature was the main reason why I purchased this effect. Ironically, that claim happened to be false, and it is the only reason why I gave this effect a one-star rating. I was able to practice this effect several times until it started to prematurely bend. I didn't do anything different in the handling during each practice session that would make the key bend prematurely. I followed the instructions to the "T", but the key continued to prematurely bend. The more I practiced the effect the faster it would prematurely bend to the point that I couldn't practice it any longer.

    I contacted Ellusionist about the issue, and as a resolution they sent me a replacement. The replacement key was worse than the first! It would prematurely bend within 10 minutes of setting it straight. I contacted Ellusionist again, and this time they offered to give me a refund. The support specialist I had been in contact with since the beginning informed me that they tested the first key they replaced which they found to be functioning normally. They even restocked it because apparently there was nothing wrong with it. I mailed the key back to Ellusionist last week, and at this point I'm waiting to be refunded. Before I sent it back, I made a quick video demonstrating the defect of the second key - how it would prematurely bend within 10 minutes of setting it straight. I have yet to upload this on YouTube.

    Maybe by some unfortunate fate I received two defective keys, but I'm confused because Ellusionist restocked the first key because it seems there was nothing wrong with it in the first place. The point is this: I didn't pay $99 for an effect to work 95% of the time; I want it to work 100% of the time as it claims. Unfortunately for me the effect didn't work at all. As a matter of fact, I didn't even get to practice this effect at all with the second key let alone perform it for anyone. I essentially paid $100 to know the secret of this effect. Luckily, Ellusionist has awesome customer service and offered a refund. My gripe isn't entirely with Ellusionist - their customer service is superb - my gripe is mainly with the creator of this effect.

    In regards to other things about the effect: the packaging is nice and simple. The key itself looks pleasingly authentic enough and can be inspected after performance, however the astute spectator will be suspicious about its authenticity. Real keys make a distinctive ping sound when dropped or tapped on hard surface. This key will make a flat "plack" sound. To put it bluntly it won't sound like a normal key. The key comes with a velvet bag to be used as storage when not in use. The font in the instruction booklet is too small. The mini comics that come with Bazooka Joe bubblegum are easier to see. There is a card in the packaging that has an online link and QR bar code. The online link is supposed to lead to a website that has a video explaining how to do the effect. The link and the QR bar code only lead to the Ellusionist effect page; there is no website that has a video explaining how to do the effect.

    I cannot recommend this effect based on my experience. Even if you get a key that functions well, it will most likely prematurely bend to some minor degree. Until version 2's flaw is fixed, it will be a one-star in my book.

    Chris, this is Brad from Team E. What I've found in my tests with the key is that it will definitely NOT stay straight for a long length of time. It depends on the temp in the room. Up to about 72 degrees and above, you're going to get the metal wanting to bend. It's just the nature of the metal. The creator has to take into account a ton of factors when creating it.

    So. A couple of things. Coat the key on BOTH sides with the cold liquid. Once you've got it straight, then coat it AGAIN, both sides. Then depending on the temperature in the room, you'll have an idea of how long you have before you need to perform the effect. Just do it as one of the first things in your set IF the room is rather warm. It just takes a "getting used to" period with something this delicate. The key is spectacular when used within those boundaries. Hope that helps!
  • by Victor Zinck Sr.

    Feb 2013

    Your service regarding speedy delivery of your product was exceptional being I live in Canada. The fastest delivery from any company I have ordered from in the U.S.A. Love the product! If there was anything I would suggest for possible improvement of the key itself, is to make it a tad "thicker" to match other regular keys when comparing them. Other than that...awesome effect and excellent service from your company! I will order from you again!
  • by Andrew Jernigan

    Feb 2013

    The key is noticeably thinner than a house key and the color is darker, similar to graphite. Most house keys I've seen have an appearance of silver or brass with a slight patina. It's much thinner than a conventional key- I have padlock keys thicker than the Shift key, which goes to say you'll have to convince the audience into believing its not a gimmick.

    If you do the effect in your own hands without giving it to the spectator, you may be able to convince them its a house key by keeping it in continuous motion, but if you let their eyes rest on it for a brief moment, it will quickly be understood as a rare item. I mean, I've never seen a key of the likes, and I can bet the onlookers haven't either. At best, the key can be described as a small safe, filing cabinet, or guitar case key if the illusion is done in the spectator's hands (which, in my opinion, is the best way to present Shift).

    Also, my key may be defective. Judging by the other reviews it seems to be a frequent occurrence for the key to bend prematurely. The room temperature must be kept below 77 degrees, however, my thermostat was at 72 and it still bends at this temperature. With that being said, I still should test it under different conditions to be positive it wasn't the thermostat's calibration.

    My biggest let down with Shift was that, because of the unique appearance, you can't do a switch with a normal key, replacing it for the gimmick. I would love to add this effect to a routine I've been developing for the past couple months: Coin to Key, then hand the key to the spectators and ask them to try and bend it, giving them a normal key. The spectators could hold on to the normal key for as long as they wanted, but to no avail, they would not be able to bend it and it could be passed around for all to try. Taking the key back and doing a simple switch like a shuttle pass, then placing Shift into their hands would be mind-blowing, utter confusion, an ineffable experience people would think about for years, and the appearance of the key would be obsolete because the audience already took it into their own hands and tried to bend it relentlessly and felt it to be normal, unbendable. Unfortunately, I can't find a normal key that looks like it to do this kind of switch, and I can't take it to a locksmith to try and create a duplicate because it bends too quickly and is thinner than most keys. I've still yet to find a normal key that resembles the Shift key for this purpose. If they ever get around to developing a better Shift, I'd suggest they include a normal duplicate for this simple reason. I strongly feel the effect would be enhanced a hundredfold. A little sleigh-of-hand paired with a gimmick goes a long way.

    For those reviews that say the effect is worth the money, it makes me think my key isn't of the same quality.

    [Ellusionist's Reply: Andrew, thanks for the detailed review. The keys we currently have in stock have been retooled to be thicker, are silver with a slight patina, and you can buy a House key that looks exactly the same from most hardware stores. They've also got a better temperature tolerance and use a stronger alloy - meaning they won't crack when you reset them (as we had some complaints of this happening with the originals. It sounds like the key you have may be defective - if that's the case, get in contact with our customer service team, they'll be more than happy to issue you out a replacement. We think this effect is outstanding, and it'd be a shame for you to miss out on such a great product. We'd love you to review the replacement to see if you've changed your mind.]

  • by Raul Gonzalez

    Jan 2013

    My only problem with the key was it is too smooth around the edges and that makes it look less believable sometimes. Otherwise a great product.
  • by Bruce Lu

    Dec 2012

    I found that it's hard to give the key to spectators to check it because their hands usually will inevitably touch the bending area which makes the key bendable. I really love it but just be careful when spectators checking the key before you perform.
  • by George Bellefeuille

    Sep 2012

    I just preformed this wonder for a senior pastor of a Chicago-land church with a congregation of over 10,000 - much to the amazement of the church staff he ran through the lobby screaming "open de'door"!
    I just might have to get "dunked , plunked,, sprinkled and tinkled all over again"before I can teach at group!
    Big Bro' George
    the Comedy Mayhem
    church show

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