JumpINK by Rizki Nanda

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An X visually CRAWLS over a pack of gum
This trick is fast and visual.... and almost impossible to fathom.

An" X" visually crawls over a pack of gum.
It's simple to perform but practice is required to get the movements right and to make it totally smooth.
As long as you've got a blister pack of gum you can perform this immediately, anywhere. Highly recommended.
    - Gimmick included, packs very small
    - Set up is a cinch, clean up very easy
    - Excellent instructions with live performances on DVD
    - X is drawn in permanent Sharpie marker

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  • by George Keramidis

    Jun 2013

    A beautiful trick in which you need just an ordinary pack of gums. Gets great reactions all the time!
  • by ninjabytrade

    Jan 2013

    I Love this trick; showed it to my biggest skeptic (my son) and he was blown away. Very Universal just need to adjust a gimmick for each brand of gum or stick to 1 brand. I am really glad i bought it. Great idea can't wait for tic tac box trick to come out from Rizki
  • by Seth Miracle

    Jan 2013

    I got this a while back and loved it, but I'm finding it difficult to get blister pack gum to do the effect...you will spend a good amount of time tweaking the gimmick but they are very durable. The video is ok, kinda busy with the two hosts, but they get everything across. You receive more then enough gimmick refills with the DVD to be sick of the effect before you run out. I did it for a "tough customer" friend that is always like " oh I know how it's done yada yada" and all he could say was " ok I know something is going on there but I have no idea what" lol
  • by Hudson Hufham

    Dec 2012

    Fun and quick trick that if performed right will stun the spectator. The only thing about it is the sun can catch it a little if you are at a certain angle. It doesn't happen much but when it does its not good. Best performed in a not super sunny area.
  • by Eddie Dalton

    Dec 2012

    only reason this is given a 4 stars is due to the construction of the gimmick based upon the pack of gum you have. other than the construction, the effect is great to do and easy to carry. the gimmick easily rests with the pack of gum and you dont need to worry about destroying it in your pocket. a fun illusion to perform.
  • by Daniel Lopez Hernandez

    Dec 2012

    Its a great effect.... a lot of work on it, Very Visual and so clever , requires a little bit of practice and patience to elaborate the gimmick but at the end the result will be great.
  • by Matt Adams

    Dec 2012

    Ok, this trick is seriously AWESOME. I LOVE the quick visual nature and spectators do too! Works in most lighting conditions and looks amazing. And I love that you can hand out everything at the end. So cool. They give you TONS of the "gimmick" too so you'll never run out. Well worth the price.
  • by Michael

    Aug 2012

    This effect is both highly visual and extremely practical.

    A true worker. I would highly recommend this one. Buy it now!
  • by Yonatan Rojas Serrano

    Jul 2012

    Great effect, definitely must buy it!!!!!!
    The gimmick comes with the DVD but soon you will run out of it, don't worry one gimmick will last you a good time.
    As soon as the DVD explained to you what the gimmick is, you will know where to get it.
    Any ways, great effect, very easy, very visual, and the same concept could be apply in many ways just use your imagination.

  • by Placido Gonzales

    Jul 2012

    I must say it took me awhile to finally talk myself into purchasing "JumpINK" by Rizki Nanda due to my skepticism. Consequently, I am very pleased that I did. The effect looks just as good in person as it does in the trailer. The effect is easy to perform and the gimmick is highly deceptive. As stated, it is easy to perform, however, it did take me quite some time to get the movements of the X smooth. Once you put in the work and practice, prepare to reap the benefits of "JumpINK." I performed"JumpINK" at the college I attend and I received great reactions. I had one student laugh hysterically as he examined the gum pack with the permanent X. I had a teacher dumbfounded as the X was moving along the gum pack. Afterward, she stated, "Holy crap, your a freakin wizard!" I would recommend this to anyone who would like to have a nice effect up their sleeve. I gave"JumpINK" a 4 out of 5 due to the DVD. I found that it was difficult to follow how to construct the gimmick and the handling explanations I believe were lacking.

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