Entrapment by Eric Jones

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Eric Jones proves he's a master of more than coins with this pair of transpositions, accomplished with nothing more than sleight of hand... and style.

In Entrapment, a card is chosen by a spectator and placed in a card box. A second card is selected and displayed at the top of the deck. With a just a flick of the wrist the cards instantly change places - right in front of their eyes.

Add some finesse to your magic, from the Master of the Refined himself.

Difficulty: Beginner
Run-time: 21 minutes

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  • by Christian Saavedra

    Apr 2015

    I love transpositions because to me they are more magical. Being a spectator and watching someone switch positions of two different things is pretty amazing if you think about it. Eric teaches them both wonderfully and are pretty simple to do, except for that color change but any other change can be substituted. Because I've had experience with cards, I was able to perform this almost immediately and it is now my go to effect and it gets pretty good reactions. I highly recommend this if you want powerful magic.
  • by Daniel Howard

    Oct 2013

    I got this one because I thought the trick would be a good filler between full routines. After I showed it a few times I found it to be worth the money without a question. Easy to learn and fun to perform.
  • by Joseph LaBarge

    Sep 2013

    Worth the money.

    Elusionist is the only website I know of were you can get this quality, for this low a price in direct download. Interestingly I ended up using the throw away more tha the main effect. But both are unique and not in any book I have ever read ( and I have read quiet a few). This is one of those tricks you can learn and do regardless of skill level. Though admitedly one move takes alot ( and I mean alot) of practice to preform as smoothly as it is on the video. Any one wanting to perform this effect should definitely purchase it.
  • by David Preston

    Aug 2013

    this is a great download and worth the money. Eric teaches every move clearly and slowly. one move is a bit tricky but with practice most people should be able to master it.
  • by mike theberge

    Jul 2013

    Along with Brad I believe that Eric Jones is the best teacher of magic on this site. He doesn't just teach the trick he teaches other things to help you along in case you're new, and don't know the basics(example: forcing a card). There's even a bonus trick that he teaches that's easy to do, but always amazes people when I do it.
  • by Malek

    Jun 2013

    The reactions you get are priceless, and it's pretty easy to do in general; there's just one difficult move that you need to practise. Definitely worth it.
  • by Jacob Schapira

    May 2013

    Just fantastic! Buy this now! This is a card trick your spectators won't forget.
  • by daniel lam

    May 2013

    this was the first ever trick i bought off ellusionist and honestly still to this day it is one of my favourites to perform. the card box transposition always amazes spectators and feels awesome to do. eric jones is also a great teacher and gives great tips in the video
  • by Eric Bailey

    Apr 2013

    This effect is great. There is one move that will take a few hours to master...and even Eric Jones fumbles a little with it in the demonstration. I would just go into this expecting to practice quite a bit. The rest of the effect is easy peasy. If you watch the demo a few times (provided...you have some magic background), you can figure out all the steps here...but for the price you should just buy it. This isn't my favorite trick ever, but what you learn can be used in a variety of ways. Add this one to your cart.
  • by Zvi Hassan

    Apr 2013

    It's a simple transpo but on steroids. Great looking effect and fun to perform. If you love this kind of effects you should definetly learn it!

    Eric Jones is awesome!

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