Stomp by Adam Rose

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Anyone can find a card with their hands - but finding a card with your feet - that's impressive.

A SIGNED, freely chosen card is lost in the deck, before the deck is spread out on the ground in front of your spectators. Running your foot over the top of the cards you stop when you feel you have the right one. You SLAM your foot home on the cards, and step back triumphantly.

SLOWLY, in full view, you slip off your shoe - with your other foot - keeping your hands away from it at all times. The spectator can now remove the card themselves to find it is their chosen, signed card.

Adam Rose has made a name for himself with Stomp. Part penetration, part card to impossible location - all incredible magic.

• Totally Impromptu - If you wear shoes, you can perform Stomp
• Shot in Stunning HD
• Tried and True Performance Advice
• Troubleshooting for ALL Contingencies
• Real World Live Performances

Special Thanks to Rob Greenlee and Justin Miller for their ideas on this effect. Forget sleight of hand, sleight of foot is where it's at.

Difficulty: Beginner
Run-time: 19 minutes
Format: Download

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