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A Special Birthday coming up? Christmas? Just feel like spoiling yourself?

The Ellusionist Gift Certificate is the perfect solution to those ‘What do I get them?’ questions. Available in a range of values, the Gift Certificate allows you to give what they truly want this year.

Fulfilled via Digital Delivery – send it to yourself to print and hand to them, or have it delivered directly by email. Please note: No Further Discounts Apply to this item.

NOTE: Gift Certificate purchase are EXEMPT from all promotions based on order value, and any promotion currently running will not be applied to your order. Gift Certificates should be ordered separately if you wish to take advantage of any promotion running when your order is placed.

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  • by william litzler

    Feb 2014

    The perfect gift for a clueless partner to give their weird magic boyfriend.
  • by William Chow

    Jan 2014

    I buy this for myself sometimes when i cant decide what to buy!! or..if you cant decide what to buy someone, get this for them :)
  • by Hunter Mayberry

    Dec 2013

    I love that we can get these gift cards. They are very easy to use. You can redeem more than one at a time, which I love the most about. Buy these gift cards to be ready to buy other stuff at any time.
  • by Nathan Blondin

    Sep 2013

    So happy with Ellusionnist, there service is awesome !! Thank you so much for everything (espacially for doing stuff with DM :)
  • by Eric Bailey

    Apr 2013

    Don't hesitate for a moment! Ellusionist is the elite company for serious magic purchasing! I have loved every product, and the customer service is really stunning. If this is a gift...they will love it!
  • by Ariez

    Mar 2013

    this was a great present and i used it well. thanks Ellusionist for great quality and service and above all else excellent products
  • by Charles Kenney

    Mar 2013

    I was looking for a way to spend Visa gift card and wanted something extra so I bought the E gift card and then you can use your gift card and have the ability to pay any additional on another card I was Happy
  • by Anonymous

    Jan 2013

    It's the perfect gift to give to a magician for his birthday or Christmas.
  • by sarah wilson

    Dec 2012

    WHAT CAN WE NOT SAY ABOUT GIFT CERTIFICATES!!!!!!!!! I am not sure there is anything better!!! ; -) Thanks E!!!!

    Dec 2012


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