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Bobby Motta is a full time working mentalist. He chooses his effects because they work... his living depends on it. Bobby is the tough guy you have seen in the Red Artifice trailer, shot by Peter McKinnon who is also a contributor to Blackmail.

Blackmail is a UTILITY that allows you to predict ANYTHING. Don't switch anything, don't use duplicates and don't bother with a "get ready". The envelope is in full view at all times.

Easily predict cards, numbers, images and drawings. Starts clean, ends clean.

Peter McKinnon and Bobby Motta have thrown out the rule book, meaning you can now predict anything - a thought-of card, a name, a number - even a drawing - all with your prediction sealed inside an envelope - before you even ask the spectator to think of it.

Whether you're new to mentalism, or a mind-reading expert, Blackmail is a fantastic utility device that will amplify your performances. It's powerful, easy to use and versitile. What more can you ask? ~Eric Jones

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  • by Kieran O'Sullivan

    Aug 2015

    This is super powerful and a really modern and fun way to perform mentalism. And I love how The informant works so well with this. Whilst I think this effect is great overall I have a few issues with it. Sometimes the predictions dont come out perfectly for me and on a couple of occasions my spectators were able to guess the method. But in general I love performing this.
  • by Jordan Ridge

    Mar 2014

    Most magicians say if they could only do one trick for the rest of their lives it would be the invisible deck, but after using blackmail I know i could go on just using this and be happy. The possibilities are basically endless, put your mind to it and you can predict pretty much anything! A bonus is the refills are cheap and for the people wondering about the paper it comes with and how to replace it's simple any type of paper will do but what I personally do is buy big sheets of thick white paper and cut it up, it's cheap and takes about ten minutes to make enough to last a decent night of performing. You will not regret buying this!
  • by Hunter Mayberry

    Dec 2013

    Blackmail is a device that lets you predict every little thing. I believe it was easy and hard. There are reasons for that I will not explain because it could explain the device. I would use every day if you buy it. I love it, and you will too.
  • by Tristan Wine

    Aug 2013

    This is a great way to help you perform routines involving predictions. To a layman, being able to predict anything IS MAGICAL!! Therefore, the reactions are crazy! people love this trick! The method is not very difficult, and no slight of hand is required. You simply need to know how to write.
    My reason for the four stars lies in what you receive in the package: they don't give enough card stock. Why do we get 120 performances of envelope, and only six card stock?
    I mean, I would be okay with gong out and buying some, but they don't say what it is!
    Otherwise it's a great product.
  • by Jamie Roach

    May 2013

    I love blackmail, not that kind, this kind
  • by Rex

    May 2013

    I've performed Blackmail numerous and times and have gotten amazing reactions EVERYTIME. I'm certainly no slight of hand expert or diversion pro,but it worked on everyone
    GET IT
  • by Rex Weaver

    Apr 2013

    I'm always happy about my purchases, but Blackmail was exceptional!!! Always gets a great response and the DVD gives you plenty of options. Having Peter and Bobby give their different techniques makes this a sure winner every time
  • by Hunter Mayberry

    Jan 2013

    I love BLACKMAIL; it is awesome. It works great and the reaction you get when you predict something is outstanding. I highly recomend this. Buy it now! Why are you still reading? Buy it now!
  • by Bruce Lu

    Jan 2013

    It's simple to perform, and I get stunning reactions from audience. I love it.
  • by Reza Mikhaeil

    Jan 2013

    I'd wanted to purchase this since it first came out. Sadly, financially I couldn't afford it at the time. By the time that I was in a position to purchase it, it was sold out - so obviously everyone else was thinking what I was thinking - this is a must have for mentalism.

    After it was out of stock for a minute, I emailed Bobby Motta and he kindly replied back and told me that in 2 weeks it would be restocked at He was correct and soon as it was available, I purchased it.

    Now onto the product itself. After months of wanting to purchase it and a week of dreaming of it coming in the mail, I'd put together what the method could be in my mind. Now being that I had guessed right, you might be saying, "he must have been disappointed". The answer is "no" because the utility device was crafted so perfectly, it saved me alot of time and headaches trying to get it just right.

    Now as with all mentalism, it's all about what you make it for your spectators. If you can't perform, this utility will be limited by your own lack of abilities. However, if you use this utility to it's fullest potential with all the creativity and showman ship that's found in the deepest, darkest parts of your heart, it will make your spectators go bananas.

    I'd put it up there with B. Smith's Psypher, but unlike Psypher it fits in a wallet, is less props to carry around and it's less suspicious. And after your performance, if you were an idiot and caused heat or had the most suspicious of an audience, you can hand out everything for inspection.

    If you're a street magician and you're trying to add some mentalism because of the power and how it hits with your audience, I'd put this at the top of your list.

    One last suggestion: Purchase this with Rich Ferguson's "This is Mentalism" set, and you will have so many mentalism routines that you won't know what to do with all of them.

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